Morning Mix: Oldest Cook Brother Passes Away at 37

  • Oldest Cook Brother Dies of Brain Cancer. "American Idol" winner David Cook lost his brother Saturday -- Adam Cook, 37, had been struggling with brain cancer since before his younger brother made the show. He made the decision to stop chemotherapy treatments, which no longer seemed to be helping his advanced sickness, earlier this year. He's survived by his wife and two kids. [The Associated Press]
  • 'Wolverine' Has Strong Opening Weekend. It didn't quite catch "Iron Man" and his $102 million opening weekend, but "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" still took the box-office crown this weekend with 20th Century Fox's best-ever non-holiday weekend opening. At $87 million, the Hugh Jackman superhero flick beat out "Ghost of Girlfriends Past" ($15.3 million) and the second weekend of "Obsessed" ($12.2 million). [Variety]
  • So You Wanna Get Inside the Vatican, Eh? "Angels and Demons" director Ron Howard said the Vatican tried to interfere with and blockade the film's production in parts of Rome -- no big surprise, given that the talks about how hard it is for the main characters to get access. (Oh yeah -- and the fact that the film is about crazed members of the Vatican's inner circles). The papal enclave, meanwhile, claims that Howard's statements are merely a publicity stunt. [The Associated Press]