Morning Mix: Talent Merger Could Change Industry

  • Talent Rep Biz Sees Unprecedented Merger. The boards of talent agencies Endeavor and William Morris approved a move yesterday to become one -- going by the name "William Morris Endeavor Entertainment." As a nameless WMA rep put it to Variety, "William Morris is cash-rich; Endeavor is client-rich. They need each other." The deal is likely to be made official within a few weeks. [Variety]
  • Adding One More Comedian To The Mix. Amanda Peet will jump into the already-filming "Gulliver's Travels" as the editor of star Jack Black (Gulliver), who is a travel writer in this modernized version of the Jonathan Swift story. She joins Black, Emily Blunt and Jason Segel -- funny folks, all. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters sometime next year. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Another Blonde Pin-Up? Ugh. Kim Kardashian isn't famous for much -- but her long, glossy brown hair is one of the reasons she's recognizeable, and yesterday, she dyed it blonde. Supposedly. She later blogged that it was a wig, leftover from a photoshoot, but not before people stopped reading about major pandemics and insane aero stunts and the economy to see how she looked with fair hair. [Fox News]