Morning Mix: Why Are We So Excited About 'Moneyball'??

  • Lohan To Strip In Vegas? To further distance herself from career-arc comparisons to Elizabeth Berkley or Tara Reid, Lindsay Lohan is now in talks to appear in burlesque musical show "Peepshow" in Vegas, once Kelly Monaco ("Dancing With the Stars," "General Hospital") is through with the role. Sigh. [EW]
  • Today In Movies We Are Really Excited About. More updates about "Moneyball," the great Michael Lewis book that will become a Steven Soderbergh film. We already know that Brad Pitt is on board to play the main character, Oakland As' Billy Beane. Now, Demetri Martin, the stand-up comedian, is set to play the Harvard statistician whose "Earned Run Value" mathematic formula Beane used to juice the most out of his roster. Real players will also make appearances in the film, including David Justice and Scott Hatteberg; former players like Daryl Strawberry and Lenny Dykstra will do on-camera interviews about real-life experience with Beane as a former Met. COOL. [Variety]
  • Bravo Swears That Shopgirls Are Interesting. Another cheesy fashionista addition to the Bravo slate, but this one is more puzzling than the "Runway" clone, "The Fashion Show:" a reality series set in Santa Monica's Fred Segal, the high-end department store. Apparently the store "promise[s] to have arresting, entertaining, colorful personalities" on its staff. (A.), Really, Bravo? Of all possible places of employment, Fred Segal is bursting with the most interesting personalities? I think I'd almost rather see the unscripted version of "Parks & Recreation" first, and (B.), in These Dark Times, now that we're all dialing back the $10K shopping sprees, is the camera just going to chill in the break room? [The Hollywood Reporter]