'Mortal Kombat 11' Jacqui Briggs and Kotal Kahn Gameplay Trailer Released

The first gameplay for Kotal Kahn and Jacqui Briggs in Mortal Kombat 11 was released during this week's Kombat Kast.

Both fighters return from Mortal Kombat X with Jacqui Briggs getting an 80 percent redesign to her character and gameplay. Before the stream, Ed Boon came on to talk about the recent stress test. They learned was that dash speeds and recoveries are going to change per character. Details will be shared soon regarding which characters will be playable in the official Mortal Kombat 11 beta on March 28.

There will be a Mortal Kombat 11 panel at C2E2 and more news about the game will be revealed there including a new fighter and gameplay trailer.

Before we get into Kotal Kahn and Jacqui Briggs' breakdowns, check out the official gameplay trailer below.

mortal kombat 11 jacqui briggs
NetherRealm Studios


Jacqui's stance and fighting style is now more Muay Tai than in MKX. Another new aspect of her character are her cybernetic legs that goes along with her gauntlets.

Some of Jacqui's specials include an uppercut and a flying fist. Jacqui has a special that can launch rockets from her gauntlets. Players can launch it down to the ground from the air, straight ahead and at the opponent's feet. Another new special, Jacqui can launch a combo of three kicks to the opponent's midsection that, when enhanced, performs a pop up that acts as a combo starter.

Some loadouts include a flying knee that, when amplified, will perform a flying fist afterward. Jacqui has four different cancels that includes her double sweep.

Another new special is a plasma bomb that deals damage over time on the ground or on the opponent's body.

Jacqui has a command grab that players will be able to choose between three options: double knee, a toss, and an overhead elbow drop. Another special gives Jacqui the ability to have a super jump where the fighter can attack in the air. Another attack is an air dive and a ground pound.

kotal kahn mortal kombat 11 gameplay
NetherRealm Studios


Kotal Kahn usurped Mileena as the Kahn of Outworld and is back from Mortal Kombat X. He's "beefier" than in his last appearance. He's a brawler and is more of a midrange "footsie" character.

Kotal Kahn was a general for Shang Tsung, but was viewed as a threat so he imprisoned and experimented on. When Shang Tsung was defeated, he was released, which explains why Kotal Kahn was not present in the early Mortal Kombat games.

For Kotal's specials, he has a parry and has his disc throw that's faster than in MKX. His Sunbeam returns, that heals him when he stands underneath it.

As for new moves, Kotal has his saw blade that act as an anti-air attack. Another move is when Kotal Kahn strikes the ground with the saw blade that staggers the opponent. For some customizations, Kotal can reflect the sun beam using the disc and launch a solar beam across the screen.

Kotal has four totems, with only two totems allowed at once. He can stack totems up to three times to stack effects. You can mix and match two totems.

The first one is blue and increases damage. The red one recovers health over time. Another totem can recover meter if you like to enhance your attacks.

Another new attack lets Kotal transform into a jaguar. He can pounce on enemies and can be used in the air. Kotal can use his disc to protect him from aerial attacks.

Kotal also has a special uppercut and a command throw. The command grab, which can be enhanced. The command grab will give Kotal a damage buff that lasts for a considerable amount of time.

Mortal Kombat 11 will release on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on April 23.

What do you think of Jacqui and Kotal Kahn's gameplay in Mortal Kombat 11? Who do you want to see in the next Kombat Kast? Let us know in the comments section below.