Skin-Crawling Photo Shows Pile of 1 Million Mosquitoes Caught in Florida

The Lee County Mosquito Control District (LCMCD) has shown what 1 million mosquitoes look like as part of an ongoing trapping project.

The District, which provides mosquito control to the citizens of Lee County in Florida, has caught people's attention on social media with the picture of a pile of 1 million mosquitoes.

It shared multiple images of this on social media pages on Wednesday. One image showed all of the mosquitoes in a bucket filled to the brim while another had the mound of mosquitoes placed on a table.

"Ever wonder what 1 million mosquitoes look like?" the Twitter page said in the picture caption. "Check out the results of an LCMCD trapping project that took place in one section of one neighborhood on Sanibel Island over the summer of 2021. #FighttheBite"

A spokesperson for the Lee County Mosquito & Hyacinth Control Districts told Newsweek that they believed this image was great at showing the science and research that goes into what they do.

"It's crazy how one post on social media can generate so much attention, but it has been really cool," the spokesperson, Jamie Fowler, told Newsweek.

"I think this was a great post to share to show science and research also plays a big part in our operations.

"This is part of a two-year project, summer of 2021 being the first year. It seems promising and we are excited to see how it plays out.

"I believe what we do is important because our main mission is to protect public health and LCMCD has a great team that works together to do this."

A message from the executive director, David Hoel, on the Lee County Mosquito Control District website details why controlling the population of mosquitoes is important.

"In order to provide a comfortable outdoor environment for Lee County citizens and reduce the threat of diseases posed by mosquitoes, the District continually monitors these habitats and endeavors to control mosquitoes in the aquatic immature stages before they become flying and biting adult mosquitoes," the statement said.

"Additionally, we monitor adult mosquito activity throughout Lee County each night from May through October and initiate adult control operations when surveillance thresholds are met or mosquito-borne disease become a threat to Lee County citizens.

"Florida's development history is directly linked to success in controlling mosquitoes and abating the diseases they carry. Successfully controlling mosquitoes and their historical and emerging disease threats (Zika, chikungunya) is a demanding and important challenge."

The statement closed by urging those with questions or concerns regarding mosquito control to call them at (239) 694-2174.

Lee County Mosquito Control District
An image depicting 1 million mosquitoes. This was uploaded to the Lee County Mosquito Control District Facebook page. Lee County Mosquito Control District