The Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes By State in 2020

Cooking and carving the massive Thanksgiving turkey is fun and traditional, but if you're anything like me, you'll be loading up your plate with side dishes on Thursday. Between mashed potatoes and stuffing, green bean casseroles and cranberry sauce, there are so many to pile your plate high with.

And if you're wondering which sides are most popular, you're in luck. Career site Zippia used Google Trends to create a map that presents data on which side dishes are the most popular in each of the 50 states. They looked at over 20 classic dishes, and had to distinguish whether gravy itself was a side. (They decided against.) "Since it's not a main dish and hopefully isn't being consumed as a beverage, our hands were tied," the site noted.

Most states appear to prefer more carbohydrate-loaded, cheesy, comfort-food sides, as opposed to a more leafy veggie side. (Maine looks to go for the latter.)

Although the data doesn't take into account every single family's traditional sides (my Italian family starts Thanksgiving dinner with pasta, for instance), it's safe to say that the range of sides featured provides a pretty traditional representation of what many folks will be eating this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes 2020
circa 1945: A little girl sits at a table laden with dishes on Thanksgiving, watching anxiously as a man carves the turkey. American Stock/Getty Images

Mashed potatoes were the most popular side in the most states, coming in at No. 1 for 10 total states. Next was the green bean casserole (which clocked in at seven states, mostly in the southwest). Tied for third-most popular side were macaroni and cheese (the east coast digs their gooey and cheesy pasta) and rolls/biscuits.

Some standout side dishes include Alaska's hashbrown casserole, Indiana's deviled eggs and cornbread dressing in Louisiana, which could be a great suggestion for anyone looking to try a different side dish this year.

Here's a complete breakdown of the most popular side dishes, by state:

Alabama: Dressing

Alaska: Hashbrown casserole

Arizona: Green bean casserole

Arkansas: White gravy

California: Mashed potatoes

Colorado: Mashed potatoes

Connecticut: Mashed potatoes

Delaware: Mac 'n cheese

District of Columbia: Mac 'n cheese

Florida: Sweet potato casserole

Georgia: Mac 'n cheese

Hawaii: Turkey gravy

Idaho: Green bean casserole

Illinois: Mashed potatoes

Indiana: Deviled eggs

Iowa: Corn

Kansas: Cream corn

Kentucky: Broccoli casserole

Louisiana: Cornbread dressing

Maine: Side salad

Maryland: Mac 'n cheese

Massachusetts: Stuffing

Michigan: Green bean casserole

Minnesota: Mashed potatoes

Mississippi: Baked sweet potatoes

Missouri: Rolls

Montana: Mashed potatoes

Nebraska: Green bean casserole

Nevada: Mashed potatoes

New Hampshire: Cranberry sauce

New Jersey: Stuffing

New Mexico: Green bean casserole

New York: Stuffing

North Carolina: Mac 'n cheese

North Dakota: Mashed potatoes

Ohio: Green bean casserole

Oklahoma: Rolls

Oregon: Biscuits

Pennsylvania: Stuffing

Rhode Island: Stuffing

South Carolina: Mac 'n cheese

South Dakota: Crescent rolls

Tennessee: Sweet potato casserole

Texas: Green bean casserole

Utah: Rolls

Vermont: Stuffing

Virginia: Mac 'n cheese

Washington: Mashed potatoes

West Virginia: Rolls

Wisconsin: Mashed potatoes

Wyoming: Brown gravy