Crunchyroll's Most Watched Anime of 2018 by Country

There was some awesome anime in 2018, and as the world gains access to more and more of it through various streaming services (like Crunchyroll) there will be plenty of shows that become the favorites in certain regions.

Crunchyroll has combed through its data and records to figure out the most-watched anime by region. Fans will find a little bit of everything, but there's no denying some anime like My Hero Academia and Boruto were on the tops of many people's watch list.

Here's the top anime watched in different parts of the world:

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It's obvious what North and Central America love, and that's some anime superhero action.

My Hero Academia was the most watched anime in the region. While there are some outliers that preferred One Piece, Black Clover, Boruto or Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, there's no denying Bakugo, Deku and the rest of class 1-A were the most popular.

2018 In Review - North America Crunchyroll


Across Africa, it seems most of the countries were split between two anime, Black Clover and Boruto.

Darling in the Franxx and Hannebado! were also represented, but as you can see from the infographic below, it was pretty close to 50/50 between the two Shonen anime.

2018 In Review - Africa Crunchyroll


In the Middle East, three anime are well-represented as the most popular. It's hard to tell which of the three was THE most popular, but Boruto, Black Clover and Darling in the Franxx split the region up evenly.

2018 In Review - ME Crunchyroll


The Oceania region has the most diverse taste in anime the other parts of the world, according to Crunchyroll.

A whopping eight different anime are represented as the most popular with Australia favoring My Hero Academia.

Black Clover, Boruto, Megalobox, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Cells at Work, IDOLISH7, and Ninja Girl and Samurai Master were all represented as well. You need to check out the below infographic to see where these anime are the most popular.

2018 In Review - Oceania Crunchyroll


Like the continent to the north, South America loves some My Hero Academia. About 90 percent of the continent favors the superhero anime as its favorite with a couple of countries leaning towards Black Clover and Boruto as the series of choice.

2018 In Review - South America Crunchyroll


Europe has plenty of diversity in its anime tastes in 2018. Five different anime are represented in the region with Darling in the Fraxx being the series of choice in most countries.

My Hero Academia, Boruto, Black Clover, and Dragon Ball Super are also the anime of choice in the region.

2018 in Review - Europe Crunchyroll


Asia, like North and Central America, gravitated predominantly toward one anime. This being Boruto, the sequel to the uber-popular Naruto series.

It's no surprise Boruto is so popular in Asia as his father's series was one of the most popular anime for almost 20 years. There is one other anime represented in the infographic and that is the series, Citrus.

2018 In Review - Asia crunchyroll

What was your favorite anime of 2018? Are you surprised by how popular some of the anime above were? Let us know in the comments section below.