Mother of Baby Killed in Homicide Will Hear His Heartbeat in Another Child

A Wisconsin mother of a baby boy, whose father recklessly caused his death, will finally get to hear his heartbeat again in another child.

Brittney Struebing, 22, of Racine, will soon hear her son's heartbeat again after her son Arkaydin Howard's organ was donated to another young boy following his death in 2019, according to The Journal-Times.

Struebing first learned that her son's organ had been given to a boy called Peter, who she described as a "little guy," and she was invited by his family to hear his heartbeat again.

She told the outlet: "I'm gonna hear my son's heartbeat again. Isn't that so crazy? I'm ready to hear it now."

"Perfect" Arkaydin died in February 2019, in Kenosha while in the care of his father Jeremy Marquez as Struebing was out looking for a new vehicle.

His father was reportedly found guilty of second-degree reckless homicide in relation to the death and is now facing upwards of 25 years in prison.

According to the outlet, doctors found signs of trauma, which were consistent with being shaken, and that he was pronounced brain dead after being transported to the hospital.

Despite the guilty verdict, Struebing said she still does not know exactly what happened to her son.

She told The Journal-Times: "Even after three years and after trial, I still don't have the answers I am looking for. You know, I'm never going to have the answers."

Now, Struebing is attempting to raise funds for a headstone for Arkaydin, after an earlier attempt to raise the money failed following his funeral.

A statement on the page written by a Krystal Struebing read: "Arkaydin Anton Howard born 11-4-18 passed away 2-24-19 , today is his 3rd birthday and trial to get justice for Arkaydin.

"We ask if you can help our family out by donating so we can get baby boy a stone that he deserves. We aren't asking for much, just whatever you can contribute, will be more than appreciated."

As of Sunday morning, the fundraiser had managed to garner $500 in donations out of a $4,000 target.

Struebing told The Journal-Times: "I'm just so big right now on trying to get him a stone. I feel horrible my son doesn't have a stone."

She added the two plots next to Arkaydin's grave have been reserved for her and her mother following a donation, but that she believes she has more work to do for her son.

Newsweek has contacted Struebing for comment.

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Brittney Struebing will finally get to hear her son's heartbeat again. Stock image. kieferpix/Getty