Newborn Girl Died After Mum Shot Heroin While Giving Birth: Police

An Alabama woman who frequently used heroin while pregnant, including while she was giving birth, has been arrested following the death of her newborn baby girl.

Amanda Malpas, 34, is charged with chemical endangerment of a child resulting in death after she was arrested by the Mobile County Sheriff's Office on Thursday.

Malpas is said to be a regular drug user, and continued to take heroin and methamphetamine despite being pregnant. The sheriff's department said she injected herself with heroin to help with the pain of childbirth on March 5.

"She admitted that when she felt the labor pains and felt the child breaching, she did self-administer a large dose of heroin," said Sgt. Mark Bailey of the Mobile County Sheriff's Major Crimes Unit, reported WALA-TV.

When paramedics arrived at the scene of her West Mobile home, Malpas still had the needle in her arm.

"When they arrived, the female was holding a child, a newly born child that was struggling to breathe, that was barely conscious," Bailey said, via WKRG.

Both Malpas and the baby were taken to hospital, where the child was pronounced dead a short while later.

"This is different, usually don't have a woman give birth in her own residence and inject herself during childbirth with a large dose of heroin intentionally," Bailey said.

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office said the charges against Malpas may be upgraded to murder, pending the results of a toxicology report.

Despite telling reporters that she was "sorry" while being taken into custody, detectives said the 34-year-old has not shown any remorse for her actions.

"In this situation it's an intentional act, it's not just a reckless act, but it's an intentional act," Bailey said.

Malpas has other children, but they are not currently in her custody.

"This is one of the cases you work on that you really sometimes are not prepared for and definitely do not want to be a part of. It's very sad all the way around," Bailey said.

Malpas appeared in court on Friday, where she was granted a $75,000 bond.

A detective told the court that not only did Malpas use heroin on the day her child was born, but she had also smoked meth a day or two before she went into labor.

A judge said Malpas would be required to check into a 90-day inpatient treatment center within 24 hours of being released from custody if she does not make her bond.

Her arraignment has been set for March 23.

A drug user prepares heroin before injecting, inside a safe drug-consumption van on September 25, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. An Alabama woman is accused of shooting heroin while giving birth, killing her newborn baby. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images