Alabama Mother of Infant Child Allegedly Killed by 8-Year-Old Denies Allegation

Katerra Lewis
An 8-year old boy was charged with murdering 1-year-old Kelcia Lewis, the daughter of Katerra Lewis. Her mother was charged with manslaughter. Birmingham Police Department

A woman in Alabama who has been charged with manslaughter in the death of her 1-year-old daughter last month denies the allegation that she left her child at home with an 8-year-old, her lawyer said this week.

Police say Katerra Lewis, 26, of Birmingham, Alabama, dropped off her infant daughter at her friend's house on October 10. The two adults left an 8-year-old child to watch over the 1-year-old and several other children, who ranged in ages from two to eight years old, police said.

Officials said they believe the 8-year-old boy "viciously attacked" 1-year-old  Kelcia Lewis because she wouldn't stop crying. The child suffered from severe head trauma, as well as major internal organ damage.

"She has denied that she told the 8-year-old to be responsible for her child," her attorney, Emory Anthony, tells Newsweek.

The next day on October 11, police found Kelcia unresponsive in her Alabama home around 10:30 a.m. Lewis reportedly told officers that she had found her daughter unresponsive in her crib. Kelcia was treated on scene and transported to Children's of Alabama, where she later died.

Lewis has posted $15,000 bond from the Jefferson County Jail in Birmingham. The 8-year-old child, who has not been identified publicly, was charged with murder in juvenile court and remains in the custody of the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

A preliminary hearing is set for November 30. But Anthony says the date will be changed as soon as he files a notice that he will represent Lewis in court.