Mother Dies After Intruder Broke into Home and Set Her on Fire While She Lay in Bed

A woman has died in Barbados after an intruder broke into where she was staying, doused her with flammable liquid and set her alight while she was in bed.

British mother-of-three Natalie Crichlow, 44, was visiting family on the Caribbean island when she was attacked by the unknown suspect on July 28

Crichlow, from North London, is reported to have suffered burns to 75 percent of her body before succumbing to her injuries on August 6.

"The intruder broke into the house, then strangled her and then set her alight. I do not understand why it happened and we are all in a state of shock," her niece Ashley Best told the Press Association.

Her family said the 44-year-old had twice beaten cancer and suffered two strokes in the past decade.

"For someone who had battled through so much to just be taken in this way and lose their life is just beyond understanding. It is all just a shame," Best added.

"She said she wanted to live life to the fullest because her life had nearly been taken from her."

Natalie Crichlow
A murder investigation has been launch in Barbados after British mother Natalie Crichlow was set alight while she was in bed. GoFundMe

Family friend Mitra Wikes described Crichlow as "a true survivor and warrior who endured so much in life."

"This is why it's so heartbreaking that her life was taken in such a cruel way," Wikes added.

"After the death of her dear mother and uncle days apart earlier this year, she travelled to Barbados to deal with the funeral arrangements.

"As her disabled brother was left alone as a result of the loss of her mother, Natalie regularly visited Barbados to look after him."

Her three children, aged 10, 20 and 26, are now desperately trying to get Crichlow's body flown back to the U.K.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise the money to fly her body back from Barbados.

"The outgoing, bubbly and kind Natalie was greatly loved and well thought of throughout many communities, all of which this loss has come as a massive shock to," the GoFundMe page reads. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

"Please help us donate towards costs which will cover repatriation to the UK as her body is still in Barbados with only a few family members and friends around her."⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

The Royal Barbados police force said no arrests have been made in the murder investigation so far.

A British Foreign Office spokesman said: "Our staff are supporting the family of a British woman following her death in Barbados, and are in contact with the Barbados police force."

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