Dad's Reaction After In-Laws Suggested Photoshopping Daughter's Pic Praised

A bride-to-be has been branded "cruel" after taking her mother's side in an argument about photoshopping her partner's daughter's facial scar out of their wedding photos.

The woman's fiancé shared his concern after a dinner with her parents in which his future mother-in-law asked his 16-year-old daughter, Judy, invasive questions about a visible burn scar on her forehead.

He explained that his daughter is incredibly insecure about the mark, which was the result of an accident when she was nine. He had previously warned his partner and her parents not to bring up the mark.

However, his future mother-in-law pointed at the scar and began asking "uncomfortable" questions, and even asked if they could photoshop the scar out of wedding pictures, while the bride-to-be "casually nodded along."

After the groom left because his daughter was uncomfortable, the couple erupted into a furious row, with the bride-to-be insisting that Judy "overreacted" and needs to "go back to therapy" if mentioning her scar upsets her.

Couple arguing
A file photo of a couple arguing. A bride-to-be has been branded “cruel” after taking her mother’s side in an argument about photoshopping her partner’s daughter’s facial scar out of their wedding photos. iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Taking to Reddit for advice under the name aintnoworries0, the 37-year-old explained that Judy was so insecure about the mark that she had to be homeschooled in the past.

He explained the 12-year-old has been feeling better about the mark in recent years, but becomes "stressed and anxious" if someone brings it up.

He wrote: "Before we went to her parents house I asked her to tell them about Judy and her struggle and get to try and not say anything negative about it or possibly mention it. She said she would guarantee no one would say anything.

"We got to the event and they talked to Judy and she slowly warmed up to them. Everything was going well until dinner time. My FMIL [Future Mother-In-Law] looked at Judy while she was eating and pointed at her scar.

"Basically asking questions about it which made Judy lose her appetite and start to get uncomfortable. I kept sending my fiancée and her mom signs to knock it off but to no avail.

"Finally, FMIL then brought up the wedding and asked my fiancée if it'd be possible to 'photoshop' the scar out of any wedding photos that will have Judy in them just in case they distract viewers. I was dumbfounded, fiancée said nothing, just stared casually while nodding.

"I looked at Judy and it was clear this got to her. I leaned closer and asked if she was feeling uncomfortable and that we could leave if the answer was yes. She took her time then nodded and said 'Yes, I'm feeling uncomfortable right now'.

"I got up and told her to get ready because we were leaving. My fiancée, her mom and the family started insisting we finish dinner and stay but I refused. I took Judy and got in the car and left before even talking to my fiancée."

After the groom left the house, the couple erupted into a furious row, with the bride-to-be insisting he had disrespected her parents by leaving the house before dinner was over.

He went on: "She said Judy overreacted and is in need to go back to therapy if a simple mention of her scar caused her to react that way.

"I got tired of arguing and asked her to give us some time but she went on me and said that I have no respect for her and her family and that what I did was irrational and now she won't speak to me until I clear things up with her family after ruining their celebratory dinner."

The post, which can be read here, racked up over 27,000 votes and nearly 4,000 comments from users defending Judy and her father and warning that his fiancée could be "toxic."

One wrote: "Oh, OP [Original Poster], your fiancée has shown her true colors. She doesn't in fact care about your daughter. If she did, she would have realized that your future mother-in-law suggesting you "photoshop out the scar so it doesn't distract" is hella insulting. If I were you I'd rethink the wedding and that family. They owe YOU and JUDY the apology, not the other way around."

'Cruel Family'

Another said: "To quote a favorite character of mine, that's f*****g diabolical. That's the only way to explain why the fiancée didn't actually shut that sh*t down immediately. What a cruel family."

"To my mind, saying that was piling cruelty upon cruelty. I wonder if OP didn't miss some warning signs that the fiancée was so toxic? Although, humans being humans, it doesn't sound entirely outside the realm of possibility that she'd suddenly show her true colors like that," said a third.

A fourth wrote: "Absolutely saved his daughter from that mess! Bravo. Your daughter will be so much better for this. You stood up for her, and did what parents are supposed to do. Time to look at those red flags fiancé and family are waving."

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