Mother Urges Road Rage Driver Who Shot Her 9-Year-Old Daughter to Turn Himself In: 'My Baby's Life Will Never Be the Same'

A mother has said her 9-year-old daughter is lucky to be alive after being shot by a road rage driver in Texas—and she is now urging the man to turn himself in.

Diamond Dixon was driving northbound on Interstate 35 in Dallas, Texas, on Sunday night when another driver became incensed after a run-in and fired multiple shots at her vehicle, WFAA reported.

One of the bullets hit her daughter Rubye Rhodes, who was sitting in the backseat at the time.

"He looked at me. We made eye contact. The next thing I know, I heard, 'pop, pop, pop, pop, pop!'" Dixon said, according to the station. "My child started screaming like: 'I got shot. I got hit. I'm shot, Momma.'"

The girl has already undergone two surgeries to repair the damage the bullet caused to her kidney and intestines—and Dixon said doctors have told her she is "very lucky" to be alive.

Dixon urged the suspect in the shooting to turn himself over to authorities. "You should just really turn yourself in. My baby's life will never be the same," she added.

The shooting happened while Dixon was driving to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with her daughter sitting in the backseat and Dixon's friend in the passenger seat, according to WFAA.

CBS DFW reported that Dixon said she was near the Manana Drive exit of the highway at around 9.30 p.m. when the shooting occurred.

She was forced to swerve when the suspect suddenly moved his vehicle in front of her. She blew her horn at him after being forced to swerve to avoid hitting his vehicle. He then pulled in front of her and slammed on the brakes.

She added that she temporarily lost control of her SUV, but then managed to drive around the suspect's vehicle.

But the man then pulled up alongside her vehicle and "looked mad," according to WFAA. He fired three bullets at Dixon's car, she said.

No one besides Rhodes was injured in the shooting, but CBS DFW reported that the gunfire did blow out one of Dixon's back tires.

Police are still searching for the suspect, who is described as a white man, slightly balding and with a salt and pepper goatee, according to the station. The suspect was last seen driving north in a white sedan.

The Dallas Police Department has been contacted for additional comment.

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Stock photo. A mother has urged a road rage driver who shot her 9-year-old daughter to turn himself in. Getty