Motorcycle Gang Surprises Little Boy at His Lemonade Stand in Wholesome Video

Dozens of bikers turned up to buy drinks at a little boy's lemonade stand in Indiana on May 15, in a heartwarming moment of community goodwill.

Members of the Mars Hill Charity Riders Biker Group lined up to quench their thirst in the front yard of the family home in southside Indianapolis. Video of the event has since garnered four million views and over 200,000 shares.

Yohinnest Herrod said his son, Prince, had set up the impromptu drink stand after sharing his ambitions to own a fresh fruit lemonade truck.

"My son told me that he would like to own his own fresh fruit lemonade truck. I told him that he could do anything he wanted if he put his mind to it," Herrod wrote over a GoFundMe page set up on May 17.

However, the father-and-son team did not expect their little road-side stall to be frequented by more than a dozen thirsty bikers.

On Tuesday, Herrod shared a video of the bikers driving up the street before pulling over to enjoy a refreshing drink.

"Thank you for supporting my little man with his lemonade stand," Herrod wrote alongside the clip. "Prince lemonade stand soon to be fresh fruit lemonade truck."

The biker group describes themselves as a "501-C-3 Community Orientated Co-Ed Biker Charity Riding Organization" and lists some of their activities as including charity rides, bike nights and events like Bingo.

"We ride hard for that ice cold homemade lemonade," the group's Facebook profile photo reads.

Members in the community were quick to hear of the news and flooded the group and Herrod's son with support.

"I live by Garfield Park. And you absolutely woke us up with the love you shared with that family. You are the talk over here," one woman said.

"God bless them. I have a great deal of respect for bikers. We have a lot that come together every September to participate in the Ride for a Cure in Scottsburg, Indiana. They help raise money that goes directly to people who are fighting cancer," another woman added.

"This breaks the stereotypes that I had against white biker gangs, I used to think that all white bikers was racist but after watching the video & seeing that yall supported my young prince and princess I can't do nothing but respect the humane love that yall showed," one man replied. "That broke barriers across the nation much respect."

Business seems to be booming at the road-side lemonade stand with officers from the Indianapolis Police Department also stopping by to grab a drink on May 15.

Newsweek has contacted Yohinnest Herrod for comment.

Although biker clubs have a rough image, the groups often partake in community service.

In September 2020, dozens of bikers turned up to buy drinks at an 8-year-old girl's lemonade stand in Indiana after the girl's mother helped riders injured in a major accident.

In September 2018, Bryanne Sturch and her mother, Daryn, were driving on State Route 19 outside of Denver, when they spotted a multi-vehicle accident involving several motorcyclists. Daryn, a registered nurse, pulled onto the shoulder to offer medical assistance and help the injured get stabilized, as several bikers had to be airlifted from the scene.

Daryn later reached out to the club on Facebook. All of the bikers involved had survived, and several struck up online friendships with her.

A year later, members of the Milwaukee Iron Biker Group came along to Bryanne Sturch's stand in her family's front yard in a heartwarming reunion in Chili, Indiana.

File photo: Members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club seen in Bremen, Germany. Dozens of bikers turned up to buy drinks at a little boy’s lemonade stand in Indiana in a heartwarming moment of community goodwill. Alexander Koerner/Getty Images