Mount Everest: Chronicles Of Death Retold

THE DEATHS OF 11 MOUNT EVEREST CLIMBERS IN MAY LAUNCHED a round of finger-pointing, cries for stricter climbing regulations -- and an avalanche of magazine articles. A PERI guide (complete with peaked ratings) to the stories of the mountain, late expedition leaders Rob Hall and Scott Fischer, and the exploits of high-society climber Sandy Hill Pittman:

Legend For Chart: A Headline B Author C Bonus Feature D Pittman portrait E Lesson learned Outside (5 Peaked Rating) A Into Thin Air B Contributin editor Jon Krakauer, on team led by Hall (four fatalities, including Hall) C Harrowing guide to symptoms of altitude sickness; conversation between a dying Hall and wife via satelitte phone ("Please don't worry too much") D "The Sherpa, huffing and puffing loudly, was hauling the assertive New Yorker up the steep slope like a horse pulling a plow." E "The clock had as much to do with the tragedy as the weather, and ignoring the clock can't be passed off as an act of God." Life (2 Peaked Rating) A Death on the Mountain B Claudia Glenn Dowling, who "felt [Everest's] pull, having reached 21,500 feet in 1991" C Interview with Sir Edmund Hillary; exclusive photos by Fischer showing increasingly ominous weather-from film in the camera found on his frozen corpse D None E "The consensus is that Hall was not as selective as Fischer about who he allowed to climb. Fischer had three high-altitude guides and didn't lose a client. Hall had one high-altitude guide, himself, and lost three." Men's Journal (4 Peaked Rating) A The Dead Zone D Contributing editor Peter Wilkinson C "Trouble on Everest" graphic, detailing the climbing route and pointing out areas where climbers died D Pittman, an occasional Men's Journal contributor, was "as adept in the harsh outdoors... as she was inside the velvet ropes of Manhattan society." E "Everest will always have the last word." Vanity Fair (3 Peaked Rating) A Snow Blind Ambition B Contributing editor Jennet Conant C Full-page photo spread of Pittman at Manhattan parties and benefits D "Asked about her apparent lack of appreciation toward the two gentlemen who had saved her life, Pittman responded tersely: "Which two gentlemen is that?" E "[Mountain Madness, Fischer's company] reports that business is booming. Since the tragedy the company has been besieged with calls about future expeditions. Vogue (1 Peaked Rating) A Cliffhanger B Socialite/climber Sandy Hill Pittman, on team led by Fischer (one fatality, Fischer) C Pittman's analysis of the breakdown of her marriage ("I know that if I'd denied my dreams all those years, we'd never have lasted as long as we did") D "Simply stated, I live by the belief that sweat confirms life-a tenet that is fathomable to few of my Manhattan friends." E "When your time is up, it's up. And I'd rather meet my maker on the side of mountain than beneath the wheels of a New York City bus, crossing Madison Avenue from Versace to Armani."