'Move On'—Internet Responds to Woman's Fears That Marriage Is Over

A woman asked the internet's opinion of whether her marriage was over after a rough series of events, and users didn't hold back with their thoughts.

In a post shared on Mumsnet, which has received more than 130 comments since it was posted on Wednesday morning, the woman, who goes by the username moppyD, asked the community if her marriage was over after leaving her husband.

The woman explained that she left her husband last year due to him desperately needing help for issues from his past. He then had a mental breakdown and lost 35 pounds in a matter of weeks.

"We separated for around 7 months, unfortunately around middle of this time, he had a fling with another woman. I was devastated but I had left him and although he was still desperately trying to fight for his marriage, I made it pretty clear we were over and he just pushed me away even further.

"What hurt me the most was he put a picture of himself and [the other woman] on Facebook for my family and friends to see. Some of them had no idea we had separated and I got a lot of messages asking if I was ok, who was she, what had happened etc."

She then said that after seeing some changes in him thanks to therapy, they're now still not together, but they're trying to work it out.

Things took a different turn when she told her husband that a friend of hers told her to go on Tinder "as payback" after he posted pictures on social media with another woman, and her husband didn't take it well.

"He demanded to know which of my friends had said this, he was really upset. He said no one knows his side of the story and how unwell he was. He really wasn't happy about this comment at all and it surprised me how bad he reacted."

According to research by Memphis divorce lawyers Miles Mason Family Law Group, 20 percent of marriages end in the first five years and 32 percent end in the first 10 years.

Some 48 percent of spouses who married before the age of 18 are likely to divorce within 10 years, and 25 percent of spouses over 25 years of age get divorced within 10 years.

Most users thought she's better off without the man. One user, Ahgoonyegirlye said: "Move on. This relationship is over." And DinoWoman said: "What a miserable relationship. Please tell us you don't have children with this man?"

Echobelly commented: "It's good he's dealing with his issues, but it doesn't mean you should be back together. You're not responsible for his feelings and however awful his background traumas are, you don't have to spend your life dealing with them given how high the price sounds. Tbh it sounds like it was over when you understandably left, and should remain so."

Another user, Porcupineintherough also questioned her behavior: "You broke up for 7 months and didnt tell your family or friends, or explain why? That's very much on you.

"If you were broken up then he didn't betray you, so no idea why your friend would care. You explained that to her at the time right? Equally, if you were broken up you were also a free agent, so his reaction now is ridiculous."

Notbeinfunnehbut warned her: "It sounds like a very controlling double standard, the mask has slipped, pay attention!"

Woman removing ring
A stock image shows a woman removing her ring. A woman asked Mumsnet if her marriage was over after a rough year, and the internet confirmed her fear. Getty Images