Move Over Bodega Cats! This Woman Brought A Duck To A New York Store

Bodega cats may have some competition. A Redditor shared a clip of a woman with a duck on a leash in what appeared to be a bodega on Tuesday. "Only in New York," they titled the 52-second clip, which featured a woman shopping with her feathered companion, and the man taping it providing some interesting commentary.

A man approached a woman shopping in the bodega, and asked what the duck ate, only to find out the animal was vegan. He then joked that he was waiting to see a flamingo somewhere in Brooklyn, which appeared to be the bodega's location.

Ducks crossing street
People walk past a mother duck as she walks her ducklings down a street May 20, 2004 in Annapolis, Maryland. Getty/Mark Wilson

Bodega cats are more common to be found in these convenient stores around the city. There's even a Twitter account dedicated to these sightings. However, Redditors were surprisingly familiar with the duck.

"I think I've seen this duck before!" one excited user wrote. "There's a house in the Victorian Flatbush neighborhood that always has a bunch of ducks in the yard. They don't have a fence or anything and there's like three or four ducks that just chill around. I have no clue how they trained them like that."

"I def saw this duck around there last week lmao," another commented. "I think this is actually a domestic duck! So kind of less exotic than something like...idk, a snake or parakeet, which aren't domestic," a third noted.

Others had jokes about the web-footed customer. "A duck walks into a bodega and the cook at the flat top asks 'waddle you have?'" one joked. "He does his shopping and says 'Just put it on my bill,'" another quipped.

One Redditor reflected on other interesting pet sightings they've had throughout New York City. "Reminds me of the time I saw a guy walking a pig on a leash in East Village one day," one person recalled. "It was a pretty big pig too. He had a harness on and everything."

Someone said they spotted a black pig in Gramercy that had been in the area for eight years.

Overall, the presence of the bodega duck did not come as a real shock to one New Yorker. "Wish I could say I was surprised, but living in NY for so long nothing surprises me anymore," they wrote. "I follow a duck account on IG. New wave I guess," another said.