Movie Theatre Worker Claims Small and Medium Popcorns Are Actually Same Size

A former movie theater employee has caused debate online after claiming that there is no difference in size between small and medium popcorns.

TikTok user @thatcoolguy.25597, June Long, who said he has now handed in his two-week notice, demonstrated an interaction between him and a customer, in which he explained that small and medium popcorns actually have the same amount in them.

"We got large, regular and junior," he said in the video, showing the large and regular buckets along with a small sized bag.

"Could I get the medium popcorn, no actually that's too much, could I just get the small," Long asked, acting as the customer. After filling up the small bag, he noted the price as $7.35.

When the customer decided that the small was actually too small and requested a regular, he simply poured the contents of the bag into the bucket, and upped the price to $8.44.

"If you're at the movies just get a small or large, no in between," he captioned the video.


If you’re at the movies just get a small or large no in between💀 #workingatthemovies #movies #comedy #funny #fyp #foryou

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Although it's been liked over one million times, not all viewers believe his claim, with some noting a few flaws in the logic.

Admittedly, the popcorn doesn't fill the medium bucket as generously as it did the small bag, indicating that there actually is a difference in how much they hold—albeit only slightly.

This is something a TikTok viewer noted in the comments, urging the employee that the popcorn should be filled over the top, just like how the bag was to make it a fair argument. "You're supposed to round it off, it should be above the bowl line," they wrote. "This pains me as a former concessionist."

"The medium and small-sized popcorn is a scoop or two difference, which is too small of a difference in my opinion for them to charge you $1+ more, especially when people who get the medium usually expect the medium to be a lot larger than it really is," Long told Newsweek.

Others also noted that more popcorn appeared to have been added to the small popcorn between the first and second shot, before it was poured into the bucket, making it look at first glance like there's less popcorn than there actually is when it filled up the medium.

In an updated video posted three days ago, Long again transferred the popcorn from one small bag to the medium bucket without any jump cuts, and showed the exact same results.

This isn't the first time portion differences have come under fire on TikTok, and those claims were similarly scrutinized online too. One viral video claimed that three different sized cups at McDonald's all held the same amount of fluid.

However, Snopes investigated and concluded that "the small, medium and large cup sizes at McDonald's do not hold the same amount of liquid. This is a joke that uses a clever trick. The medium and large cups were pre-filled with liquid, unbeknownst to the viewer, to make it seem like they do."

If there is a difference between the popcorn amounts in the video, it is deceivingly small.

This is the latest in a line of movie theater employees utilizing TikTok to "expose" the secrets behind snacks and food offered.

Last week, a worker showed that movie theater nacho cheese actually comes from hot plastic bags and voiced concerns over it being carcinogenic, but failed to shock viewers in the way she expected.

Instead, the lack of cleanliness was discussed by viewers who urged the workers to clean the machine.

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Movie theater customers eating popcorn while watching movie. Getty Images

Update 08/02/21, 8:43 a.m. ET: This article has been updated to include comments from June Long.