MoviePass Un-canceling Subscriptions? Here's How to End the Problematic Service for Good

Fed up MoviePass subscribers have been leaving in droves after the many changes that hit the service over the past few weeks. But despite having cut ties with the company, many users have reported further problems with their MoviePass accounts -- namely, that they were suddenly re-activated.

Why is MoviePass Re-Activating Accounts?

While the un-canceling of accounts certainly looks shady, taking a closer look at the matter reveals the problem may be due to some poor UI design. If you canceled your MoviePass account but find it's once again active, here's what happened.

After MoviePass' recent terms update, you should have received an email or seen a notice in the app letting you know about the changes and instructing you that you would need to click the "I Accept" button on the new terms to continue using your plan. For people who canceled but still had some time left on the plan, you likely clicked the "I Accept" button. Doing this, however, placed you in a new plan that starts at the beginning of the next billing cycle. Basically, service renewed.

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For those who simply closed out of the announcement, their accounts were canceled -- whether they wanted them to be or not, making it look more like an error in design than some sinister plan to re-enroll all the subscribers they lost.

If you have recently canceled your MoviePass subscription, it's a good idea to double-check that it is in fact canceled. For those who want to cancel, but aren't sure how, instructions are as follows:

How To Cancel MoviePass Account

  • Go to the Account tab, and then the "Account Details" section.
  • Under "Plan & Billing" you will find your plan info with a Cancel button.
  • On the cancellation screen, choose your reason for cancellation.
  • Prorated refunds are not offered if canceling an annual subscription while still in term.
  • Your MoviePass account will remain active until the end of the current billing period.

For those who purchased MoviePass subscriptions via Costco, the company is currently accepting returns of the one-year subscription plans.