Movies: Marc Forster

My Five Most Important Movies
1. "Don't Look Now." Nicolas Roeg creates a visually masterful world that weaves fantasy and reality into one coherent entity.

2. "Last Year at Marienbad." Alain Resnais's film about a mysterious affair is like a memory, using all the tools of cinema to float in and out of what might, or might not, have occurred.

3. "Children of Paradise." Made during the Nazi occupation of France, Marcel Carné's film touches the highs and lows of human nature while oozing passion for love, life and art.

4. "The Red Desert." My favorite Antonioni film. The scenery, locations, colors: if you watched it with the sound off, you'd still be able to evoke all of the feeling.

5. "81/2." The greatest movie about movies. If I ever suffer from director's block, I'll refer to this film.

A classic film you haven't seen: "Mother India." The Indian "Gone With the Wind." Nominated for an Oscar in 1958.

A film you hope parents will show their kids: "E.T." It's a well-developed, emotional film with themes for both generations.