Twitch Streamer MrDeadMoth Denies Being a 'Woman Beater,' Faces Court After Viral Video

Luke Munday, known as MrDeadMoth on Twitch, will appear in court on Dec. 13 after allegedly assaulting his pregnant wife on camera in front of their two young daughters. New South Wales police also confirmed plans to hold a hearing on an "apprehended violence application," which is comparable to a restraining order, in order to protect his pregnant partner.

The 26-year-old from Oran Park, southwest of Sydney, Australia, gained worldwide infamy over the weekend when a clip of his stream gained viral traction. The clip in question, posted by Twitter user RevvOCE, was viewed millions of times before being taken down by Twitter. (RevvOCE said his account was also banned for 12 hours.) MrDeadMoth's Twitch and Twitter accounts were both quickly suspended after the clip circulated online.

According to 7-News Sydney, Munday worked at telecommunications outfit Telstra as an network implementation engineer. Telstra has suspended Munday from his position pending a full investigation, telling ABC 7 "domestic violence is totally unacceptable."

Luke Munday is accused of assaulting his pregnant partner and live streaming it. He told 7 News it was simply a one off. Speaking publicly for the first time since the attack, Luke Munday promised it won't happen again. But, he refuses to say sorry. @AshleaBrown7 #7News

— 7NEWS Sydney (@7NewsSydney) December 11, 2018

7-News Sydney also visited the home of Munday's grandfather, where the former streamer is staying ahead of his trial. Refusing to show his face, he told reporters from his bedroom that the event was a single occurrence and that he isn't a "woman beater." He added, "It's a one-off and she'll corroborate that in court."

Munday also claims to have never seen the video or the clip. "There's no point in seeing the video, I know what happened. And what happened is not what everyone assumed has happened."

John Munday, grandfather of MrDeadMoth, seemed to back the sentiments of his grandson. "I was shocked," he said. "She must have thrown something at him or done something, the whole thing has just exploded."

While all of this is going on, a self-proclaimed "cyber security expert" on Twitter, who goes by the handle Cylints, has posted information about the MrDeadMoth incident. He claims to have access to many of Munday's online accounts, including his email, YouTube and Fortnite accounts. Cylints has said he will give away his YouTube and Fortnite accounts after hitting a subscriber threshold. (MrDeadMoth isn't a particularly high-tier player, so it seems access to his accounts are largely for novelty value and access to skins.) Cylints also claimed in tweets that Munday got "arrested for assault of his previous girlfriend" and that he "might lose custody over both children."

More info drops later such as Luke/DeadMoth getting arrested for assault of his previous girlfriend and much more.

— root (@Cylints) December 11, 2018


MrDeadMoth is currently free and has been unbanned on Twitch. His current channel description is "positive vibes" and it is unclear why he has been allowed to have his account on the platform back. Munday said that he would like to stream again, tweeting that he would be starting again on Dec. 30 (though he never actually streamed.)

2 hours. #mrdeadmoth

— MrDeadMoth (@MrDeadMoth) December 31, 2018