MSNBC Host Says 'Hell Yeah, I Would Go to War' Alongside AOC After Guest Questions Democratic Unity

MSNBC host Joy Reid said on Monday she would join New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a "war" against the moderate wing of the Democratic Party.

Reid, host of The ReidOut, spoke to former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele about his opposition to President Donald Trump and his work with the conservative Lincoln Project.

She asked Steele how he would deal with supporters of the president following the Lincoln Project's aggressive approach and attacks on GOP politicians who backed Trump.

Reid highlighted some Republicans who hadn't yet publicly accepted former Vice President Joe Biden's election win.

"Should they ever be allowed back into polite and normal political society after what they have done to the country?

"Unlike the current iteration of Republicans who claim to be the standard bearers of the Republican Party who want to kick people out and lock them out because they don't like Donald Trump or aren't showing fealty to Donald Trump. I'm not going to decide who should or shouldn't be a Republican. Or should or shouldn't be inside the party," Steele said.

"Those individuals have to make that case and that stand for themselves and take it to the voters if they're planning to run under a Republican banner. If you are in a blood-red state this won't ever be an issue. You're going to be fine," he said.

Reid pressed Steele on the issue, asking: "Would you ever go to war with any of these men?" She meant going to war alongside Trump-supporting Republicans, not against them. Steele initially misheard the question.

"Depends what the battle is. That's the nature," Steele said when the question was clarified.

Reid continued to push Steele and he reframed the issue as a question for her, saying: "That's the problem with the nature of our politics today. In the many respects, Donald Trump exposed that distortion in our politics. You see it on the left as well. How do you go to battle with an Ocasio-Cortez? When she turns to the moderate or conservative Democrat next to her..."

"I would, I would!" Reid said. "She knows how to speak to young voters and I trust her she cares about constituents. I believe she actually cares whether people have a meal on Thanksgiving.

"I don't know if Marco Rubio does, If don't know if Rick Scott cares, I know AOC cares. And she will fight for her constituents come hell or high water and for this country's democracy. Hell yeah, I'd go to war with her. On hundred percent."

Divisions among progressive and moderate Democrats have come into sharper focus following the election. The party has a reduced majority in the House of Representatives and may not win control of the Senate, which has led to questions about their future direction.

Ocasio-Cortez recently criticized West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin after he said he'd oppose a "crazy socialist agenda" which might include packing the Supreme Court and defunding the police.

Joy Reid Attends the National Town Hall
Joy Reid attends the National Town Hall on the second day of the 48th Annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation on September 13, 2018 in Washington, DC. Reid said she would fight with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez amid Democratic Party divisions. Earl Gibson III/Getty Images