Democratic Strategist: 'Sexism' Is Motivating Bernie Sanders Supporters Not to Back Elizabeth Warren

A Democratic Party activist and MSNBC guest claimed Friday that voters in support of Senator Bernie Sanders instead of Elizabeth Warren are revealing their "sexism."

Democratic strategist and former vice president of campaigns for the Center for American Progress, Emily Tisch Sussman, responded to several recent polls showing Warren surging ahead and placing herself next to former Vice President Joe Biden atop the 2020 candidates.

Speaking with MSNBC's Craig Melvin Friday, Tisch Sussman relayed a comment about how Warren is so clearly a better candidate than Sanders that a vote for him indicates one is simply sexist against a female candidate for president.

Other critics noted Tisch Sussman is the daughter of billionaires and personally attacked her wealthy, New York establishment background.

"There is a ceiling, there is nowhere to go, there is no 'up' to go," she told the MSNBC panel Friday morning. "I actually heard someone saying something that I thought was an interesting point. But basically, if you are still supporting Sanders as opposed to Warren, it's kind of showing your sexism."

"Because she has more detailed plans and her plans have evolved," Tisch Sussman continued. "I think it was an interesting point and I think there may be something to it."

MSNBC pundit says if you support Bernie Sanders over Elizabeth Warren it's "showing your sexism."

— Ibrahim (@IbrahimAS97) September 27, 2019

The MSNBC discussion centered around Sanders rounding out the top three Democratic candidates in a new Iowa poll, but beginning to lag behind Biden and Warren. The two candidates have led the progressive wing of the Democratic Party race for president and have long been neck-and-neck right behind Biden in polls. However, Warren has recently pushed ahead and even surpassed Biden in a Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom poll as well as a Monmouth University survey released Tuesday.

"After trailing Biden by double digits since March in the race for the Democratic nomination, Warren catches Biden," Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy said. "We now have a race with two candidates at the top of the field, and they're leaving the rest of the pack behind."

A male guest on MSNBC's The Contenders segment Friday agreed with Tisch Sussman's suggestion that supporting Sanders over Warren is a "sexist" move.

However, social media responses blasted Tisch Sussman's "sexism" claim and flipped the identity politics argument on its head in several comments. "If supporting Sanders over Warren means you're a sexist, then supporting Warren over Sanders means you're an anti-semite. It's only fair," replied one Twitter user. Many replies rebuked Tisch Sussman's seemingly smug comment as "divisive" and "unhelpful" to the Democratic presidential race as a whole.

Several other replies came from "Women for Bernie" supporters who rejected the "sexism" claim made on the cable news network Friday and produced statistics showing a high percentage of young women back the Vermont senator. In 2016, many critics of Sanders' campaign against Hillary Clinton claimed so-called "Bernie Bros" were also motivated by sexist undertones.

"Warren doesn't have the same policies. I will not vote for any candidate that takes corporate money period. Warren says she will take corporate money in the general election. That absolutely disqualifies her for my vote," responded another irate social media user.

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A Democratic Party activist and MSNBC guest claimed Friday that voters in support of Senator Bernie Sanders instead of Elizabeth Warren are revealing their "sexism." Mario Tama/Getty Images