Mueller Probing Trump's Presidency More Than His Campaign, Journalist Says on MSNBC

Journalist Mike Allen, co-founder of the website Axios, dropped a big hint on MSNBC Monday morning about where special counsel Robert Mueller might be heading with his investigation of President Donald Trump. The investigator is apparently less focused on what happened during the 2016 campaign and instead homing in on what has happened since Trump entered the White House.

Allen said his reporting has given him an idea of what "what Mueller's end game may be, a little sneak peak at where he's headed."

"We're told that in conversation with the Trump lawyers, that Mueller is much more interested in what happened after the election than before," Allen said on MSNBC. "So he's very interested in the firing of [Former FBI Director] James Comey; he's very interesting in the firing of national security adviser Michael Flynn."

So what does that mean for the probe?

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"That suggests he's looking more at obstruction of justice, things that might have happened in office, than he is at collusion, maybe something that happened during the campaign," Allen said.

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Allen pointed out that Russia is still an inextricable part of the Mueller investigation—Trump connected Comey's firing to Russia, and Flynn was fired amid the revelation that he lied to the FBI about conversations with a Russian ambassador.

Trump has repeatedly bashed the Mueller investigation on Twitter, with multiple tweets posted over the past couple of days. On Monday morning, without context, the president tweeted simply, "A total WITCH HUNT with massive conflicts of interest!"

Some have wondered if Trump's criticisms mean he might move to fire Mueller, which would send a shockwave across the country. At least one fellow Republican has warned the president not do so.

"As I've said before, if he tried to do that it would be the beginning of the end of his presidency because we're a rule of law nation," Senator Lindsey Graham said on CNN on Sunday.

Mueller Probing Trump's Presidency More Than His Campaign, Journalist Says on MSNBC | U.S.