Jared Kushner Gave Mueller Investigators Documents About His Role in the Firing of James Comey

Jared Kushner listens as U.S. President Donald Trump holds a bilateral meeting in Washington, D.C. It was just revealed that Kushner turned over documents to Mueller investigators amidst questions of his role in the firing of former-FBI Director James Comey. Photo by Zach Gibson - Pool/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner has turned over documents to special counsel Robert Mueller regarding his possible role in the firing of then-FBI Director James Comey, according to CNN.

Mueller's investigators have been interested in Kushner, who is also a White House senior adviser, as part of their probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, with particular interest in Comey's firing, according to CNN.

It's unclear if their questions about Kushner signals anything deeper about Mueller's investigation into the President's inner circle, but the CNN report shows that the investigation has extended beyond the 2016 campaign and into the administration.

And, conveniently enough, the last time Mueller's probers demanded that documents be preserved was earlier on Thursday when they asked America First Policies, a pro-Trump nonprofit, to preserve its records. The think tank's founder, Rick Gates, was indicted earlier this week.

Just as he had with congressional investigators, Kushner voluntarily turned over all the documents he had from the presidential campaign, the transition, and any contacts with Russia, according to the CNN report.

It is unclear if Kushner influenced Trump's decision to fire Comey, but the president reportedly blames his son-in-law for the ongoing Russian investigation. Others say the president alone made the decision. It is also unclear why Kushner would want Comey fired.

In any event, the Trump administration has been haunted all week by Mueller's investigation. On Monday, key Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Gates were indicted on charges of lobbying on behalf of pro-Russian leader in the Ukraine and for failing to properly register as a foreign agent. Both pleaded not guilty.

But on the other side of the docket is George Papadopoulos, one of the Trump campaign's foreign policy advisers. He pleaded guilty for lying to the FBI about a meeting he had with a Kremlin-linked Russian professor who promised to give him "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.

"Here's what Manafort's indictment tells me: Mueller is going to go over every financial dealing of Jared Kushner and the Trump Organization," former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg told Vanity Fair. "Trump is at 33 percent in Gallup. You can't go any lower. He's fucked."