Mom Panicked Over Daughter's Sudden New Income Asks Internet for Advice

A mom has gained attention online after sharing her concern for her daughter's mysterious new stream of income, after she splashed out on luxurious gifts for the family.

Posting to popular forum Mumsnet, the anonymous mom explained that her daughter is in her second year at college, and returned home with gifts for Christmas.

Despite having a part-time job, the gifts were far more lavish than it would likely allow her to afford, with her buying a laptop for her brother.

"I thought this was a lot to have spent so I looked it up and it must've cost her around £600," she wrote. "I asked her about it and she said she could afford it and loves her brother, so I accepted it."

However, when his birthday arrived last week, the daughter gifted a new iPhone and an Apple Watch, reaping more concern from the mom.

"I spoke to her and said I noticed she had spent a lot of money on [my son] for Christmas and his birthday as she is a student with a part-time job in retail," she wrote.

"She then said she has a little extra thing on the side which is going really well. When I asked what this was she refused to tell me.

"I spoke to [my husband] who said she is an adult and doesn't have to justify herself to me anymore, and I should respect her decision. I am really worried though that she has become embroiled in something."

The mom continued to ask for advice on how to handle the situation, and whether she has a right to know more information. In response, she gained over 500 solutions from other forum users.

Mom and daughter looking at laptop
Stock image of a mother and daughter on a laptop. Getty Images

Having a job while at college for extra cash is hardly a rarity, with a 2018 report from the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University finding that 70 percent of full-time college students also work.

Similarly, in the UK, where the mom is based, a 2019 survey found that 36 percent of students had a part-time job, while 21 percent actually had two jobs while studying.

Most of those with two part-time jobs cited shopping habits and covering rent or bills as the two main reasons, while 72 percent said it also had a negative impact on their studies.

For this mom however, the mystery behind it all has sparked a wave of concern, shared by many other forum users.

"I'd be worried she's sticking it all on Klarna or similar. I'm an older student and some of the younger ones do this," noted one user, while others added that a credit card could be a likely suspect.

Others however weighed up other side hustles rising in popularity, writing: "My first thought was only fans or a social media influencer. Either way I'd be concerned.

"I'd assume something like Only Fans and have a chat about personal safety and risk to future career if this becomes widely known. Anything put on a screen or computer can be copied and recorded and therefore make it very hard to disappear for good. I'd make it clear it's her choice but that I'd be worrying if she starts valuing herself only on the monetary value men put in her and her ability to fulfill their needs it could be deeply damaging to her emotional wellbeing long term," they added

"Just because they're grown up doesn't mean that guidance can't be valued. As long as you understand the difference between advice and interference."

Other guesses ranged from working a full-time job while she is meant to be studying, to something she could deem embarrassing, including being a "shot girl" at a club with long working hours.

In contrast however, some felt the daughter's finances should not be of concern to the mother, with the daughter legally being an adult. "As long as it's legal I guess you have no right to know. I totally get where you're coming from, though," wrote one user.

"She's made it clear she's not going to tell you. So now your approach has to be having a conversation with her about fine, you don't need to tell me but because you won't it's worried me a bit that it's either a) illegal or b) unwise. And then go on to talk about digital footprint, as others have said, future employment and so on."

In response, the mom shared that she has decided to talk to her daughter and explain that if she is unable to tell her exactly how she funded the gifts, they will be confiscated from the son.

"I am going to take the advice of saying that I love and am worried for her and what she may have got herself into and that she can tell me anything and that I will help in any way I can," she added.