'Betrayed': Internet Slams No-Show Party Guests Caught Out on Social Media

The story of a woman whose friends shunned her daughter's 3rd birthday party only to spend time on the beach has shocked the internet.

User rainbowsandclouds related the tale to popular message board Mumsnet on Monday: "It was my daughter's 3rd birthday on Saturday. Her actual birthday is this Wednesday but we decided to host a party a few days before instead as it's the weekend before the Easter holidays and the day before Mother's Day, ensuring people's plans didn't overlap."

The poster revealed that she invited a few friends and a relative with kids of a similar age, only for none of the invitees to arrive despite accepting the invite weeks before.

Kids' parties are a big deal for parents—according to a poll by Baby Center 61 percent of parents spent around $200 on their baby's first birthday party. Perhaps inspired by celebrity events such as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's daughter North West's birthday 'Kidchella' event—which included a Ferris wheel, moon bounce, teepees, and stages—or the Beckham's daughter Harper and her friends celebrating her birthday at Buckingham Palace in 2017.

"In the end, it was me, my daughter, husband, my parents, brother, sister-in-law and the in-laws," she said: "I'd arranged a lovely party as it's my daughter's first party because the last two were in lockdown. I arranged a two-tier cake, a balloon display, and a lovely theme. I also brought loads of food for a BBQ, alcohol, and nibbles."

The user explained that two friends had said they would be attending earlier that day and didn't arrive. "We waited five hours for people to turn up and didn't put my daughter down for a nap in case her friends turned up," explained the poster: "In the end, I ordered takeout, cut the cake at 6 pm, canceled the BBQ and gave the cake to our neighbors."

After cleaning up the mess from the organized party, the mom sat down to look at social media and noticed one of her no-show friends had posted pictures from the beach, and the relative she had invited shared a picture at a restaurant.

"After viewing these stories both friend and relative text saying how sorry they were as the kids weren't feeling well," said the poster: "Am I being unreasonable to feel so hurt and betrayed, despite my daughter not having the comprehension yet on why her friends didn't turn up, but what if it was her 4th or 5th birthday? I felt so sad for her."

Many Mumsnet users sided with the mom and slammed her friends and relatives for not attending the party. One user wrote: "This is really mean and I would be hurt too. I'd tell them as much," while another said: "That's so horrible and you have every right to be upset."

But other users sided with the no-show guests, one comment said: "It was a cracking weekend weather-wise – the first really nice day of the year – so perhaps people felt that they wanted to make the most of it and not be stuck at a child's 3rd birthday party," and another user wrote: "It's rubbish for you, yes, but I think you set your expectations far too high. Tbh, nobody is really going to pitch up for a party for a kid that young."

In February, the internet was outraged after a mom was asked to pay $34 to attend a kids' birthday party.

Girl alone at party
A file photo of a girl sitting alone wearing a party hat. The internet has been left shocked after now-show party guests spent the day at the beach rather than celebrating a 3-year-old's birthday. shironosov/Getty Images