Muslims 'Pelted with Eggs' At Mosque in Suspected 'Islamophobic' Attack

Police have launched an investigation into a suspected Islamophobic hate crime after Muslims worshipping at their mosque's prayer service reported being assaulted with eggs and stones.

According to a report from The Evening Standard, "burly white men" targeted the Ilford Islamic Centre on Tuesday during a late-night prayer service in South Ilford, London.

Ilford Islamic Centre, Albert Road attacked in premeditated #Islamophobic attack! @IlfordRecorder @metpoliceuk @Jas_Athwal @wesstreeting @SamTarry #islamophobia #Mosque

— FORMO (@FORMO_Redbridge) May 4, 2021

The Federation of Redbridge Muslim Organisations, or FORMO for short, alleged in a Twitter statement that members of the Ilford mosque were pelted with "eggs and some other items," with at least five congregants hit. They condemned the act as a "cowardly premeditated Islamophobic attack."

The Ilford Islamic Centre also released a statement on the attack on their Facebook page on Tuesday night.

"Today during Taraveeh prayers, our masjid was attacked by a few burly looking white men, shaven headed, in a drive past egg attack," they wrote.

"The attack happened very quickly and although we had 4 security guards, it was hard to see exactly what the registration was," they added. "The guards were concerned that they may have driven into them."

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The worship centre confirmed they have CCTV footage that places at least one white man and three passengers in a "silver estate car," and called upon other community members with information to come forward to the police.

Director and Secretary of the Ilford Islam Centre Ahmed Nahwaz told Sky News that he was shocked by the hateful act.

"I was caught by surprise because leading up to this we had a very quiet and peaceful 20-odd nights, and then this happened," Nahwaz said. "We weren't expecting it this kind of time in the period of reflection for everyone, having gone through COVID-19."

Redbridge Detective Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman told The Evening Standard that his patrol is taking the reported "hate crime very seriously."

"Incidents like this will not be tolerated and my officers will be undertaking enhanced patrols in the area to provide reassurance to the local community and visitors to the mosque," he added.

The incident has sparked outcry across social media. "I'm sorry that some of our 'patriots' choose to behave like this, the majority of us don't believe the twaddle they spout one bit," one person wrote on Facebook.

"Many years ago I was walking along the road in Leeds minding my own business and some men from a car screamed you f*****g terrorist and chucked an egg on me. It's never OKAY," an anonymous Twitter user chimed in.

I am shocked and saddened to hear of this Islamophobic attack against @ilfordmosque.

These disgraceful acts of violence and hatred have no place in Ilford, and I hope that the perpetrators face justice as soon as possible.

Solidarity with the victims.

— Sam Tarry MP (@SamTarry) May 5, 2021

South Ilford's Member of Parliament Sam Terry also weighed in on Twitter, expressing his support for the mosque and the worshippers involved.

"I am shocked and saddened to hear of this Islamophobic attack ... These disgraceful acts of violence and hatred have no place in Ilford, and I hope that the perpetrators face justice as soon as possible," Terry wrote.

"Solidarity with the victims."

As the investigation continues, members of the Ilford Islam Centre like Nahwaz remain strong and hopeful that justice will be served.

"It's a shame [but] we're used to it," Nahwaz told Sky News. "We're a strong community and we take it on the chin. It makes us weary rather than fearful."

Hate-based crimes have been increasing across the world, with many caught on camera. In April, a Florida woman was caught on film going on a wild rant against a Muslim woman shopping in the same pharmacy as her.

Muslims pelted with eggs Islamophbic mosque attack
Muslims attending a religious service at a London mosque were the victim of a suspected hate crime on Tuesday, in which non-worshippers threw eggs and stones at them as they prayed. Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images