'My Hero Academia' 178 Recap Spoilers: La Brava's Backstory and Quirk Revealed

The UA Cultural Festival is about to start, but a duo with unknown motives wants to crash the party. In Chapter 178 of the My Hero Academia manga, readers will see the battle between Gentle and Midoriya continue and learn more about La Brava, Gentle's trusty sidekick.

Gentle's unique quirk allows him to give the properties of elasticity to anything he touches, including the air itself, which is giving Midoriya a hard time. Can Midoriya stop Gentle and La Brava before they make it to UA? Here's a recap of My Hero Academia Chapter 178.

My Hero Academia is available weekly through Weekly Shonen Jump.

SPOILER ALERT! The following will spoil Chapter 178 of My Hero Academia. If you haven't read it yet turn back now.

The issue starts with Class 1-B preparing for the UA Cultural Festival. The girls of Class 1-B are showing off their dresses for their fashion show, each thinking they are going to win the competition. On the highway, Mirio, Eri and Eraser Head are on their way to the festival. Meanwhile Midnight greets All Might before noticing Midoriya's permission slip to leave the grounds. All Might explains Midoriya needed to pick up a few things for the festival and Midnight says that he's cutting it close.

Back at the construction yard where Midoriya and Gentle fought, Midoriya puts down the girder that was holding him back and uses the same crane that Gentle and La Brava used as a catapult to launch himself in the villains' direction. Midoriya also notices that the invisible barriers Gentle leaves behind don't disappear immediately but stick around for a while and he needs to remember where he places them.

Gentle and La Brava land in a forest area and the criminal apologizes to his sidekick; he needs her quirk sooner than expected since they're under a time limit. Gentle looks up to see Midoriya approaching from the sky. The young hero readies another wind blast, so Gentle raises an invisible barrier in front of him and La Brava. Midoriya lands safely on the ground and navigates through the trees to get behind the new barrier.

Gentle quickly puts up another invisible barrier to intercept the blast, but Midoriya ricochets the attack, landing a shot. La Brava goes to help Gentle, but Midoriya jumps on both of them, pinning them to the floor.

La Brava then begins to think about Gentle and her past. In middle school, La Brava (real name Manami Aiba) confessed her love to a boy who mocked her for it. She lost the ability to believe in anyone or anything and stayed glued to her computer, even contemplating suicide. That's when she found Gentle's show on the computer and discovered where he lived. She thought Gentle would say something about the dark rings under her eyes but he didn't, and accepted her for who she was. They became a team, and that's when La Brava knew she loved Gentle.

Back in the present, Midoriya is ready to take them both into the police when La Brava whispers "I love you" to Gentle, activating her quirk.

La Brava's quirk is "Love," which activates when the word is used, giving the person she loves the most a temporary power boost. The deeper the love, the more powerful the boost. When the power is activated during a time of crisis, the target becomes a dozen times stronger.

Gentle uses this boost to get out of the pin and land a chop to the back of Midoriya's neck. The young hero falls to his knees, but doesn't lose consciousness. As he readies another wind blast, Midoriya tells Gentle he's fought stronger and faster people and he refuses to lose.

And that's the end of My Hero Academia chapter 174. What did you think of La Brava's quirk and backstory? Do you think Midoriya will stop Gentle from crashing the festival? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.