'My Hero Academia' Chapter 182 Spoilers: Did Midoriya Make it to the Festival?

The School Festival arc in My Hero Academia nears its conclusion as the students of Class-A attempt to put on a performance for the rest of the student body. However, Midoriya has had his hands full trying to make sure the festival goes off without a hitch.

Meeting the villainous duo Gentle and La Brava has had a resounding impact on the young hero, but what will My Hero Academia Chapter 182 hold for Midoriya and the rest of the UA students?

Before we get into spoiler territory, let's recap Chapter 181 to get readers up to speed on what happened so far in My Hero Academia.

SPOILERS! If you haven't caught up with the My Hero Academia manga you may want to turn back. The following will spoil the events of Chapter 181 and 182.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 181 Recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 181 is titled "For Someone Else" and begins with a flashback to when Dog and Ectoplasm C found Gentle and La Brava after their battle with Midoriya.

Dog sensed the fight between Gentle and Midoriya and called in for backup. Ectoplasm C answered the call and told the rest of the hero faculty that if this battle is hostile then they will cancel the festival.

In the present, Dog and Ectoplasm C surround Gentle and La Brava as the villain surrenders. Ectoplasm recognizes Gentle from his online videos, but Dog becomes angry because he senses a third person is involved. Gentle says that he tripped and fell, but Dog doesn't buy it as he smells one of UA's students.

Midoriya runs toward Gentle and he thinks about how Gentle sacrificed himself to protect La Brava. Midoriya thinks about Gentle's backstory and how he became a villain. Gentle asks Dog and Ectoplasm to pardon La Brava as he claims to have brainwashed her into working with him.

Midoriya arrives and Dog asks if he fought Gentle. The young hero says they fought for a bit but that everything is OK now. Dog and Ectoplasm are a bit perplexed, but then Snipe calls in asking for a status update. Dog answers saying there is no emergency before he prepares to take Gentle in for questioning.

Before he is taken, Gentle tells Midoriya that he used to be enrolled in the Hero Course. He tells Midoriya to see his feelings of being a hero through to the end.

Midoriya then realizes the time and panics after remembering he left the groceries for the Festival back in town. Ectoplasm goes with Midoriya to find them as the young hero thinks about how he, too, could have strayed from his path like Gentle did.

Back at UA, the students are concerned that Midoriya won't get back in time. The show begins promptly at 10 a.m. as the curtains open to show Class-A. Eri and Mirio are in the audience and see Midoriya on stage. The chapter ends with Eri smiling.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 182 Spoilers

  • Deku makes it in time for the performance, but only after Ectoplasm tells him to clean himself up.
  • The show begins and the audience is so wrapped up in everything that they forget their preconceived notions and have a good time.
  • There's a brief flashback of when Kyouka told her parents she wants to be a hero and not go into music like they did, and her parents are very accepting, saying she should do what she wants.
  • A lot of emphasis on the performance and its spectacle.
  • The "ghost" of Chisaki finally fades from Eri's consciousness as she sees the show, and for the first time she smiles.

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