'My Roommate Threw Out My Food': Internet Backs Woman In Battle With Boyfriend's Mom

The internet was shocked after one poster revealed that her roommate discarded all of her food to make storage space for groceries of their own.

Posted in Reddit's r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit, Redditor u/m48_apocalypse's photo and quick description of how her food ended up in a garbage can went viral, racking up 54.3K votes (89 percent upvotes) and over 4,200 comments in 16 hours. Titled "my roommate threw out my food to make room for her salad mixes in the fridge," the viral post includes a photograph of what appears to be an avocado and an entire container of blueberries that were thrown in the trash.

While u/m48_apocalypse was brief in her original post — including nothing more than a title and photo — she provided further context for the trashed food in the viral thread's comment section. Having explained that she lives with her boyfriend and his mother in a separate post, the Redditor broke down her living arrangement and detailed multiple previous instances where her food was thrown out or stolen.

u/m48_apocalypse wrote that her boyfriend's mother is financially responsible for "most of the rent," but assured that she pays her share of bills and helps maintain the household. Writing that her boyfriend's mother and effective roommate often belittles her for a myriad of reasons, u/m48_apocalpyse said that she has dealt with the consequences of acknowledging that her food was missing in the past.

"I tried talking to her once when she either threw out or stole my food," the Redditor explained. "She denied doing so, called me crazy, and started yelling at me about how I was being disrespectful.

"The last time I talked to her she called me crazy and told me to get mental help," she added.

In an article titled "How to live and Thrive With In-Laws" published by Brides.com, it's said that living with a partner's parent is an "opportunity to get to know each other better and and bond as a family." According to u/m48_apocalypse, that is not the case living with her boyfriend's mother. And while Brides.com acknowledges the pros of living with a partner's parents, they also acknowledge the cons.

Thrown away food
One Redditor said her roommate threw away her food to make room for their own in the refrigerator, but the story went deeper than that. daizuoxin/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Between battles over passive-aggressive comments, the feeling of not being "good enough" in the eyes of in-laws, and the simple struggle that can be sharing space, there are many potential pitfalls attached to living with a partner's parent. According to Elite Daily, it is important for partners to communicate with each other about their relationships with each other's parents, and it is important to communicate directly with their parents as well.

In the case of a negative relationship with a partner's mother — like the one described in the viral Reddit post — Elite Daily recommends that strict boundaries are implemented to prevent jealousy, unexpected visits, inappropriate questions, unwanted advice and petty arguments.

However, u/m48_apocalpyse said her boundaries are rarely respected and when her boyfriend has attempted to defend her to his mother, she was unreceptive and threatened to cut him off.

"She'll scream at him and threaten to cut off all financial support for him every time," u/m48_apocalypse wrote in response to a comment. "He still tries to stand up for me and I really appreciate that he does, but it doesn't do much."

In the post's top comment, that has received 8.5K votes, Redditor u/Chad73 was straight to the point with the original poster.

"Your roommate is a d*ck," they wrote.

While many Redditors echoed those sentiments, posting similar comments throughout the viral thread, others advised u/m48_apocalypse to seek revenge against her boyfriend's mother, and provided many potential plans.

"Eat her salad," Redditor u/karpenter_v1 wrote. "Tell her to eat your food that she threw out."

"Microwave her salad mixes and replace them in the fridge. Nothing like gross mushy veggies. If she doesn't catch on, you could repeat, and cost her a bunch, not to mention a lot of frustration," Redditor u/KlockworkKracken added.

Despite thousands of comments offering advice, u/m48_apocalpyse said that she and her boyfriend are tired of his mother's behavior, and have decided that leaving her home is their best option.

"He's also sick of her bullsh*t and we're formulating a plan to move out together," she wrote in response to a comment.

Newsweek reached out to u/m48_apocalypse for comment.