Mysterious 'Animal' Stuck in Tree Revealed to be a Croissant During Rescue

After a concerned citizen spotted an unidentified creature in a nearby tree, a local animal welfare society that came to investigate managed to rescue an abandoned croissant.

On Tuesday, a Polish woman called The Krakow Animal Welfare Society with concerns for what she believed to be an animal trapped in a tree near her apartment. "He's been sitting in a tree across the block for two days!" she claimed. "People don't open windows because they're afraid it's going to enter their house!"

According to the animal rescue organization's Facebook spokesperson, identified only as Adam, the team tried to help the panicked woman identify what kind of animal was stuck. He suggested it may be a "sick bird of prey," but the woman claimed it resembled something more like an iguana.

Adam noted that he thought the call was a belated April Fool's prank; according to The BBC, it is not likely that a reptile would survive in the chilly Polish weather for very long. He did add, however, that it was not uncommon to respond to calls of owners abandoning their pets.

"Years of inspection have taught me that there are people willing to get rid of any animal that causes some trouble. Or just get bored," Adam wrote.

"We had an old Yorkie thrown into the yard in the evening, a seriously ill cat left in a closed transporter in a dumpster carport in winter, rats and hamsters with a cage thrown in the garbage, even fish in a street bucket," he added.

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Adam described a "brown creature sitting on a lilac branch." Upon closer inspection, he remarked that the "poor guy has no legs or head," before realizing that the "monster" they were looking for was only a croissant.

He hypothesized that the French pastry either fell out of a window or was tossed out to feed some birds. While noting the hilarious nature of the situation, he did encourage readers to err on the side of caution if they ever see something suspect potentially involving animals.

"Please note, however, that it is always worth reporting if something worries you. It is better to check and be pleasantly disappointed, sometimes (unfortunately very rarely) to laugh than not to react, which can sometimes lead to a tragedy," Adam wrote.

While this croissant came out of the incident unscathed, a Russian animal welfare group is calling on authorities to intervene after dogs with bright blue fur was photographed near an abandoned chemical plant.

After a frantic call to an animal welfare society, rescuers saved a croissant from the tree branch it was caught on. Manuel Medir/Getty Images