13-Year-Old Arrested for Terroristic Threats After Racist NAACP Voicemails

A 13-year-old Georgia boy is facing charges of making terroristic threats after he allegedly left voicemails saying he wanted to murder black people on the answering machine of an NAACP office.

A two week investigation into the February 25 calls was conducted by the Marietta Police Department and the FBI, revealing that the disguised caller's voice was that of a 13-year-old boy, WGCL-TV reported. The teen allegedly used a computer program or mobile app to disguise his voice.

"My number is kill n***ers 101. My name, Johnny Rebel," the teen said on the voicemail. "My profession murdering black people. F**k you stupid f***ing n***ers. [Inaudible] F***ing kill yourself. Stupid n***er loving Jews."

The boy is expected to appear in juvenile court this week for the expletive-laden racist rant, though authorities are not releasing his name due to his age. Authorities did not comment on contact initiated with the boy's guardians.

"It was just a sickening feeling to have somebody express that kind of hate in that manner," Cobb County NAACP President Deane Bonner told WGCL-TV. "At 13, terroristic threats should be taken seriously."

Bonner drew a comparison to the Parkland, Florida, high school shooter Nikolas Cruz, who reportedly exhibited disturbing behavior for years leading up to the February 14 shooting.

Several members of the Cobb NAACP said they believe in "due process" but are glad that someone is being held responsible for the racist phone calls.

"It is just unbelievable that we have people live this in our world and we just have to remember when we hear that not to let us deter us from what we are doing but to continue to fight for everyone," Georgia NAACP President Phyllis Blake said of the messages.

The Cobb County branch of the NAACP was not immediately available for comment to Newsweek.