Oh, Florida. You've done it again. 

A naked—and apparently drunk—Florida man was arrested Tuesday after deputies say he fired his gun into the air because he was curious to see whether it worked. 

Deputies in Key Largo say 66-year-old Roger Scheid told them a number of stories trying to explain why he was in his skivvies firing a loaded .45 caliber handgun.

Authorities say he ended up explaining that he was cleaning the gun then decided to test to see if it worked. 

He fired off two shots, deputies said. 

Two neighbors heard the gunfire and called the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. The law officers went to Scheid's home, where they found both the front and back doors open. 

They yelled for Scheid to come out and once he did, they say he was nude. 

A fully loaded shotgun was found on his bed. A .45 caliber handgun was found on pile of clothes found off to the side, deputies said. 

Authorities found spent shell casings on the rear porch of the home.

Scheid was arrested on two counts of unlawful discharge of a firearm.

Floridians are known for doing odd things, often in the nude—they also have a sheer love of firearms. 

During Hurricane Irma last month, law enforcement had to ask residents to please not to shoot at the storm in an effort to push it away from the peninsula.