Nancy Pelosi is Letting Trump Know He Can 'Get Away With Murder' By Not Impeaching Him: Harvard Law Professor

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is letting President Donald Trump know he can "get away with murder" by refusing to open an impeachment inquiry on him, a constitutional law professor at Harvard University opined Wednesday.

Constitutional law scholar and Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe admitted he is a lifelong Pelosi fan but agreed with George Conway, husband of Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, who criticized the House speaker for her continued stance against impeaching Trump.

Pelosi on Wednesday morning said the House of Representatives should not open an inquiry into Trump "unless you're ready to impeach." She added that the Senate, controlled by Republicans, would need to understand members "honor their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

George Conway, a lawyer and frequent Trump critic, commented: "This is like saying that a grand jury should not be empaneled unless it's ready to indict and a petit jury is ready to convict."

Tribe quote tweeted George Conway and wrote, "@gtconway3d is right. @SpeakerPelosi is wrong. It's not even close. And I'm a lifelong Pelosi fan."

Tribe elaborated to Newsweek on Wednesday afternoon that George Conway is right and Pelosi is wrong "because both the Constitution and common sense tell us you don't refuse to convene a formal process to investigate a serious crime just because it looks like the criminal has the jurors in his hip pocket."

"If you do that, you're letting the suspect know he can get away with murder," Tribe continued. "That's especially true when the tools at your disposal for the investigation are known by experts to be substantially stronger as soon as you convene that process—which, in this context, means convening a formal impeachment inquiry."

.@gtconway3d is right. @SpeakerPelosi is wrong. It’s not even close. And I’m a lifelong Pelosi fan.

— Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) June 19, 2019

Pelosi's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Newsweek on Wednesday.

Tribe has been expressing disapproval of Pelosi's stance. On Tuesday, Tribe shared a story in The Bulwark positing that Pelosi's seeming slow-walking strategy on impeachment is driven by her fear of losing her title as House speaker in 2020.

"That could backfire and is dangerous to the Constitution and the republic," Tribe tweeted. "We need #ImpeachmentInquiryNOW to get the essential witnesses."

On Monday, Tribe tweeted that "we will soon reach the point—if we haven't already reached it—when those who oppose starting an #ImpeachmentInquiryNOW will become complicit in the ongoing violation of our Constitution and the continuing endangerment of our national security."

The scholar added, without naming Pelosi, "Please wake up and move!"

Nancy Pelosi Trump Impeach Murder
President-elect Donald Trump (C) and President Barack Obama (R) are greeted by members of the Congressional leadership including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as they arrive for Trump's inauguration ceremony at the Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, D.C. Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe said Pelosi is letting Trump know he can "get away with murder" by refusing to launch an impeachment inquiry. Scott Applewhite/Pool/Getty Images