Nanny Attempts to Force-Feed Toddler in Shocking Video Viewed Over 10M Times

A shocking video that shows a nanny attempting to force-feed a toddler has gone viral on social media. According to multiple reports, the nanny was later arrested; however, she has since been released on bond.

The incident occurred on October 26 in New Bern, North Carolina, reported WITN. Max and Laura Oglesby took a break at work and decided to check in on their two-year-old son Declan via nanny cam -- and were horrified by what they saw.

Laura Oglesby posted a clip of the footage to TikTok, where it has amassed more than 10 million views. In the video, Lauren Rowe — their child's nanny — can be seen using physical force on the toddler in an attempt to force-feed him.

As Declan screams for his parents, Rowe pins his arms behind his back and forces a spoonful of food into his mouth. She then covers his mouth with her hand, forcing him to swallow his food.

When Declan finally manages to stand up in his high chair, he reaches for Rowe. But she forces his arms back down and eventually pushes Declan back down into his seat.

Declan continues to cry as Rowe stands over him, yelling at him to "take a bite" of his food.

When the Oglesbys saw what was happening, they rushed home, said WITN. They also contacted Max's mother — Declan's grandmother — to relieve the nanny and watch their children until they arrived.

According to the New York Post, Laura Oglesby sent Rowe a clip of the footage along with a message that read: "You are no longer needed to nanny for us, and my suggestion is that you don't nanny at all until you learn how to patiently handle children."

"You broke a mother's heart tonight," the message continued.

They also took the video to New Bern police, who arrested Rowe and charged her with misdemeanor child abuse, The Post continued. She was later released on bond, and her court hearing is set for November 8.

North Carolina General Statute 14-318.2. defines misdemeanor child abuse as: "Any parent of a child less than 16 years of age, or any other person providing care to or supervision of such child, who inflicts physical injury, or who allows physical injury to be inflicted, or who creates or allows to be created a substantial risk of physical injury, upon or to such child by other than accidental means is guilty of the Class A1 misdemeanor of child abuse."

On its website, Manning Law Firm said that a judge can impose active, intermediate or community status to the crime, depending on the offender's prior criminal history.

"An Active punishment means jail time, while Intermediate and Community punishments yield much less severe consequences," the law firm said.

Online commenters were outraged and heartbroken by the footage.

"He's fighting as hard as he can ... breaks my heart," said TikToker Caitlin Christensen. "Poor baby doesn't understand why she's doing that."

"I'm glad you had cameras," added Jacqueline. "Poor baby boy."

"I'm physically ill from watching this," said Amanda Michele.

Ryley Boyero said: "I was YELLING at my phone. That poor baby was fighting with EVERYTHING he had to get away. Oh my GOD."

toddler crying while eating
A shocking video that shows a nanny attempting to force-feed a toddler has gone viral on social media. Massonstock/istock