National Cheesecake Day 2020 Deals from The Cheesecake Factory and More

Today (July 30, 2020) is National Cheesecake Day—a celebration to honor the dessert loved by many Americans.

The U.S. certainly loves its cheesecakes—for the 52 weeks ending April 19, 2020, refrigerated cheesecake sales hit $319.33 million, according to Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery's State of Industry Bakery 2020 report. Companies such as The Cheesecake Factory, which is featured in the comedy Big Bang Theory, have brought freshly baked cheesy-goodness to the masses and made it a family favorite.

While our nation loves this dish, according to What's Cooking America, the cheesecake actually came from Europe. Small cheesecakes were served to athletes during the first Olympic Games in 776 B.C. on the Isle of Delos during the times of ancient Greece.

However the earlier tales of the dessert's history were lost when the Romans conquered, but the empire claimed the dish for itself, naming it placenta or libum, offering it to the gods in their temples.

The dish then traveled from Greece and Italy to Great Britain when the Romans invaded. However, it wasn't until 1929 that the New York Cheesecake made its debut, according to What's Cooking America. The Turf Restaurant located at 49th and Broadway in New York City claims that the family developed the first cream-cheese cake recipe. However, others also claim this, so it's not completely certain who takes the fame and glory for the creation of the New York Cheesecake we know and love today.

The main ingredient of the cheesecake is soft cream cheese and used to be based on a pastry. However, today most cheesecake bases are made from cookies.

National Cheesecake Day 2020 Deals

The Cheesecake Factory: On July 30, 2020, the company will be donating $1 to Feeding America for every slice of its 30+ legendary flavors of cheesecake sold.

It will also introduce its newest flavor, the Chocolate Caramelicious Cheesecake Made With Snickers. This dessert is an original cheesecake swirled with Snickers on a brownie crust with chocolate, caramel and peanuts. Between July 31, 2020, to July 29, 2021, The Cheesecake Factory will donate 25 cents to Feeding America for every slice of this new addition sold.

Eli's Cheesecake Company Chicago: Buy a 9 inch cheesecake from this bakery and get a 9 inch chocolate chip cheesecake free. That's right—two cheesecake dishes for the price of one.

Eileen's Cheesecake: New Yorkers, this one is for you! A 46-year-old family-owned shop, known for serving handmade light and creamy cheesecakes, is offering a complimentary classic individual cheesecake when customers buy any cheesecake on July 30, 2020.

Harry & David: According to Don't Pay Full, customers can get 15 percent off orders of $60 or more code HDTAKE15.

Baskin Robbins: Free cheesecake ice cream scoop on app download, says Don't Pay Full. Get 10 percent off a cheesecake order using code: LTC-LZ74KU-10. There is no minimum spend.

MyProtein: Get an extra 25 percent off Flavdrops—Zero-Calorie Cheesecake Flavouring with code EXTRA, says Don't Pay Full.

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Getty Images The Cheesecake Factory
A view of the Cheesecake Factory on March 26, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts. The restaurant chain has announced that it will not be able to pay its rent starting April 1 due to how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected its business. But the company isn't stopping donating to charity from National Cheesecake Day sales. Maddie Meyer/Getty Images