National Cocoa Day 2019: Nestle, Godiva, Hot Cocoa Deals, Cocoa Powder Discounts

Today is National Cocoa Day, December 13, which celebrates all things hot cocoa, a heated drink made with cocoa powder and hot milk.

The first ever consumption of a chocolate drink can be traced back to nearly 3,000 years when xocōlātl was a common beverage among Mayans in the Aztec culture. But it had an acquired bitter taste, as it was unsweetened, and was served cold.

The xocōlātl drink was later introduced by Mexico to the New World and Europe where it underwent several reincarnations, at one point being mixed with spices such as vanilla and cinnamon, before evolving into the popular sweet drink we are familiar with in the U.S. in the modern age.

Hot cocoa vs. hot chocolate

Hot cocoa and hot chocolate are often used interchangeably by many, but there is a distinction between the two. Hot cocoa is made with pure cocoa powder (so the cocoa butter has been removed from the ground cacao beans) and sweetened to taste as desired. This makes hot cocoa a less calorific option than hot chocolate, which is made from a melted bar of chocolate, so it contains cocoa butter in addition to cocoa and sugar.

In the States, hot cocoa or hot chocolate is seen in a thin liquid form made from an instant powder mix while in Europe, such as in Spain and Italy, it has a thicker consistency, often made with the addition of corn starch or another thickening agent.

Some of the more unique versions of the drink can be seen in parts of South America, such as in Colombia or Ecuador where it is customary for a hot chocolate drink to be served topped with cheese.

Here we round up some of the best discounts for hot cocoa and other cocoa products with which to celebrate National Cocoa Day.

Cocoa Discounts

Get a 34-bag variety pack of hot cocoa from Land O Lakes at for $19.99 (reduced from $48), featuring 4 flavors including Chocolate Supreme, Mint Chocolate, Salted Caramel and French Vanilla.

Enjoy this three-canister set of "premium" hot cocoa from Godiva, including one dark chocolate and two milk chocolate flavors, for $39.90 (reduced from $44.85).

Get up to $1,500 cashback when you buy hot cocoa in bulk from Nestlé. Customers can get $5 back per every qualifying case of Nestlé Hot Cocoa Mix purchased by December 31, 2019.

Try some unique hot cocoa mix flavors, including Gingerbread, S'Mores, Dulce de Leche, Red Velvet and Mexicocoa, at World Market, priced from $3.59-$14.28 (reduced from $5.99-$23.88).

Cocoa powder purists can save up to $74.40 on organic cocoa powder priced at $41.49 for 8 pounds at

Raw organic cacao powder from Sunfood Superfoods is offered at $14.99 for 1 pound bag (reduced from $22.99) at Walmart.

Health enthusiasts might want to try this gluten-free Protein Hot Cocoa from Wholesome Provisions. Packed with 15 grams of protein, it is a low-carb/low-sugar option for those watching their sugar intake. Get a 7-pack box for $13.95 or three 7-pack boxes for $34.99 at Amazon.

Hot cocoa france paris
Cups of hot chocolate made with high-quality cocoa at Jean-Paul Hevin's Chocolate Bar in Paris. Getty Images