Nationalism or Globalism? Nigel Farage Debates Marianne Williamson | Opinion

Ever since 2016, and the shocking global phenomena of Brexit and President Donald Trump's election as president of the United States, the world has roiled with a brewing debate over liberal internationalism versus a more traditionalist nation-state global order. Since 2016, no issue has highlighted that debate more clearly than has the coronavirus pandemic.

In this blockbuster Newsweek Debate, iconic British nationalist figure Nigel Farage dukes it out with iconic American globalist figure Marianne Williamson over what exactly we ought to learn from the coronavirus—and whether we should err more on the side of nationalism or globalism. There is perhaps no more fundamental and crucial debate to be had, at this present time.

Josh Hammer, Newsweek opinion editor, is also a syndicated columnist, of counsel at First Liberty Institute, a contributor to BlazeTV and a popular campus speaker.

Respond to Coronavirus With More Nationalism

The coronavirus pandemic, like the worldwide economic crash of 2008, is being shamelessly used to push forward the globalist agenda . "We are one people," the globalists boldly proclaim, as they call for an overarching "one world" government to lead us to salvation.

The likes of Tony Blair and other high-minded, holier-than-though types see the coronavirus pandemic as the springboard they needed to launch the final phase of their elitist, establishment-driven plan that would allow unelected, unaccountable, under-qualified puppets to dictate people's lives.

Respond to Coronavirus With More Globalism

COVID-19 is both destroyer and creator, unraveling one world and inviting us to create another. On the level of social, political and economic realities, it's revealing how much our entire system is like a house that's been built on wooden piles now rotting. Yet it's the very shock of that realization that interrupts the pattern of our complacency and calls us to reinvent ourselves. One way or the other, life on the other side of this will not be the same. Now is the time to conceive, articulate and start creating what we really want it to be.

When confronted with danger, the brain reacts in one of two ways: through constriction or through expansion. That applies to the collective as much as to the individual. We will either retreat into our separate selves or build new and more meaningful connections with each other that help heal and rebuild our world.