'NBA 2K20' 2KTV Episode 10 Answers, Rewards & Free VC

NBA 2K20 has a new episode of 2KTV, and, just like the others, episode 10 features a whole new crop of trivia questions. Get them right, and you could earn well over 1,000 free VC for your efforts. Use the answer key below to make the most of the weekly payout.

NOTE: These questions can appear in any order once the episode begins, so it behooves players to pay attention to the entire answer key before attempting to collect the free VC. We've provided the full questions below, which should make it easier to pick out the correct answers when they appear.

NBA 2K20 Episode 10 Trivia Answers

nba 2k20 2ktv episode 10 answers
'NBA 2K20' has a new episode of 2KTV. Here are all the trivia answers for episode 10 to maximize your free VC. 'NBA 2K20' is available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC. Visual Concepts/2K Sports
  1. When did Dan Rue's dance moves first appear? Answer: NBA 2K18 [200 VC]
  2. How many standing emotes can you equip? Answer: Eight [200 VC]
  3. Where would you want to team up with Dan Rue? Answer: Any [100 VC]
  4. How can you emote during gameplay in MyCAREER? Answer: Press down [200 VC]
  5. Which Dan Rue dance emote would you equip? Answer: Any [100 VC]
  6. Who did the "Gosh Darn It" better? Answer: Any [100 VC]
  7. Which past or present NBA player do you think is the best dancer? Answer: Any [100 VC]
  8. How many championships did Isiah Thomas win? Answer: Two [200 VC]
  9. Which MyRep legend reward do you value the most? Answer: Any [100 VC]
  10. When did we first interview Choc DF & PoorBoySin? Episode 8 [200 VC]
  11. Who won the NBA 2K19 Unlimited $250,00o Tournament? Answer: SkippTooMyLou [200 VC]
  12. Which Unlimited Player of the Month has the most badges? Answer: Baron Davis [200 VC]
  13. What level coach do you use for your lineup? Answer: Any [100 VC]
  14. Which 2K League champion competed in the Unlimited $250,000 tournament? Answer: TurnUpDefense [200 VC]
  15. Which card tier do you have the most in your lineup? Answer: Any [100 VC]
  16. Vote for your #2KTVWOW Top Play of the Fall Answer: Any [100 VC]
  17. Vote for your #2KTVWOW Top Play of the Week Answer: Any [100 VC]
  18. Should Chris stop dancing? Answer: Any [100 VC]

While inputting the correct trivia answers to earn a couple thousand VC may seem like a somewhat laborious task, the totals certainly add up for those who return each week to reap the benefits of the offer. After all, much like its predecessors, NBA 2K20 relies on VC to a borderline predatory degree. If you want to boost stats or get cool clothes for your MyPlayer, VC farming methods like these are basically the only way to make it happen.

NBA 2K20 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC.

What are your thoughts on episode 10 of 2KTV? What are your favorite ways to farm VC in NBA 2K20? Tell us in the comments section!