'NBA 2k20' Jumpshot Creator - How to Unlock & Where to Find It

NBA 2K20 features dozens of new MyCareer features for your MyPlayer, but something that appears to be conspicuously absent at first blush is the popular Jumpshot Creator. It's still in the game, but unlocking it is a little trickier than it used to be.

How to unlock the Jumpshot Creator in NBA 2K20

When you first start NBA 2K20 Jumpshots can be customized via the MyPlayer Appearance menu in the Neighborhood. Open that, and scroll over to "Animation Store." From here you can select Shots > Jumpshots. You'll find a series of preset shots that can be purchased with VC.

nba 2k20 jumpshot store
'NBA 2K20' has a Jumpshot Creator, but your options are limited at first. This guide reveals how to unlock it. 'NBA 2K20' is available now on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC. 2K Sports/Visual Concepts

If you really want to customize your Jumpshot to the fullest, though, you need the Jumpshot Creator. To get that, head to the big building in the center of the Neighborhood that says Team Practice Facility.

nba 2k20 team practice facility
Do about 10 drills at the Team Practice Facility to unlock the Jumpshot Creator. 2K Sports/Visual Concepts

Once you're there, start doing drills with the team as much as possible. After anywhere from five to 10 drills, this message will appear.

nba 2k20 jumpshot practice drills
Perform about 10 practice drills here and the Jumpshot Creator is yours. 2K Sports/Visual Concepts

"Congratulations! Your work with Chris Brickley has paid dividends. You have earned the ability to build your own custom Jumpshot using Jumpshot Creator. Try it out now and return any time using the MyPlayer Appearance menu."

nba 2k20 jumpshot creator unlocked
Once you see this message the Jumpshot Creator has been unlocked. 2K Sports/Visual Concepts

Once you've reached that point, you should be able to both customize your jumper and purchase preset animations as you see fit. Note that due to the exclusion of Jumpshot Speed in the NBA 2K20 Creator, leveling up Badges like Quickdraw should be a priority. If you still haven't made your MyPlayer yet, make sure the Quickdraw Badge is part of your build's skillset. Also, why not take a gander at our NBA 2K20 Build Guide and Badge List to get some tips for making a strong character on your first try.

NBA 2K20 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC.

What are your thoughts on the Jumpshot Creator in NBA 2K20? Is your build as good as you'd like it to be? Tell us in the comments section!

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