NBC Normalizing Alex Jones's Fake News With Megyn Kelly Interview, a Sandy Hook Parent Charges

The parents of children who were killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting are outraged after new NBC host Megyn Kelly taped an interview with InfoWars host Alex Jones, a known conspiracy theorist, that will air this weekend.

"Every week. 5 years later. Still harrased by truthers. You do NOT give crazy a platform. You're better than this @nbc," Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose daughter, Anna Grace, was killed in the massacre, tweeted.

Jones has called the December 2012 shooting "completely fake" and "manufactured." Twenty elementary-school students and six teachers and administrators were killed in the attack.

Marquez-Green and others are criticizing NBC and Kelly for giving Jones a larger platform to promote his views.

She noted on Twitter that the interview is scheduled to run on Father's Day, when "#SandyHook grieving dads will go to the cemetery."

"Shine light on truth, love and hope," Marquez-Green tweeted. "Hate and evil doesn't need another platform."

Kelly has defended her decision to interview Jones, noting that President Donald Trump has praised Jones and been on his show. "Many don't know him; our job is 2 shine a light," she tweeted.

In a clip from the interview, Kelly asks Jones about the Sandy Hook massacre. Jones defends himself by criticizing the media's coverage of war, to which Kelly responded, "That doesn't excuse what you did and said about Newtown, you know it." During the interview, Jones also calls 9/11 an "inside job."

Kelly, a former Fox News host, is off to a rocky start in her new role at NBC. Jones is her second interview for the news program Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly following a discussion with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She was criticized for not pushing back more forcefully against Putin.

Kelly's decision to interview Jones was criticized widely on Twitter.

"There is no justification for amplifying lies (or a liar), particularly about unimaginable tragedy," Chelsea Clinton tweeted. "I hope no parent, no person watches this."

Many of the parents of Sandy Hook victims have become gun control advocates. Congress has not passed any major gun control legislation in the years since the shooting.

Conspiracy theories about the shooting promoted by Jones have led to harassment of parents who lost their children. One parent, Leonard Pozner, who said he used to listen to Jones's show, received a number of death threats from conspiracy theorists after his son Noah was killed.

"When I lost Noah, I woke up and realized that people who spread these stories are more interested in propagating fear than getting at the truth," he told The Guardianearlier this year. "And the human cost of that is phenomenal."