'Timeless' Saved: Will Two-Part Finale 'End the Story Right' and Save Rufus?

NBC saved Timeless once again after canceling it. There won't be a third season, but there will be a two-part finale during the holidays, the network announced in a press release Tuesday.

"While we wish we could've made another dozen seasons of Timeless, this is the next best thing," executive producers Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke said in a statement. "We're thrilled to take the Lifeboat out for one last spin and bring closure to our story. The studio, network, cast and crew are all doing this for one reason only: the fans. Because they deserve it. Because the fans made this happen and we thank them for their passion, support and helicopters. So? You guys want to get Rufus back or what?"

In the Timeless season 2 finale, one of the teams of time travelers, Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) died. In the final moments of the episode, future versions of the two other members of the team, Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Wyatt (Matt Lanter), appeared in a future version of their time machine, the Lifeboat, and asked if they wanted to get Rufus back.

Barrett echoed the executive producer's question in a tweet and video he posted Tuesday.

You guys want to get me back, or what? #Timeless #Clockblockers pic.twitter.com/N8uuZSGqHe

— Verbal The Rapper✊🏾 (@malcolmbarrett) July 31, 2018

Fans of the series (who call themselves Clockblockers) rented helicopters to fly over San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month with a banner reading, "You guys want to get Rufus back, or what? #SaveTimeless."

"We're excited to tell one final chapter to this incredible story," Lisa Katz, Co-President, Scripted Programming, NBC Entertainment, said in a statement. "A huge thank you to all—our cast, crew, producers and partners at Sony—who have worked so very hard, and to the fans who kept us on our toes and made sure we did our very best week after week." Timeless is produced by Sony Pictures Television.

The cast and crew celebrated the news and recognized the fans' role in getting to wrap up the series on Twitter Tuesday.

"This two-hour finale will let us end the story right & #SaveRufus," Kripke wrote. "EVERY convo I had with @Sony & @nbc was about the fans. Giving them the ending they deserve. Cause they spoke so loudly."

I know you wanted more seasons. But this 2 hour finale will let us end the story right & #SaveRufus. EVERY convo I had with @Sony & @nbc was about the fans. Giving them the ending they deserve. Cause they spoke so loudly. Thank you, #Clockblockers #TimelessSavedAgain @NBCTimeless pic.twitter.com/g7n79fdSua

— Eric Kripke (@therealKripke) July 31, 2018

"We get to have one final ride as Time Team," Spencer said in a video thanking the fans. "I can't wait to play Lucy again for you."

So excited! Jokes & ☕️ come spilling out of me. 🤦🏻‍♀️. Love you #Timeless fans! Thanks to you & everyone at @Sony & @NBC for making this happen! #timeteam #clockblockers #SaveTimeless pic.twitter.com/lPmyZYRGsQ

— Abigail Spencer (@abigailspencer) July 31, 2018

"Well, #Clockblockers, you've done it again!" Lanter tweeted.

Sakina Jaffrey, who plays Denise Christopher, who oversees the team, also posted a video. "We're saving Rufus," she said.

WE LOVE YOU #CLOCKBLOCKERS! You made it happen! Your mission is complete, #Clockblockers rule!#Timeless will be back for a two-part series finale on NBC.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We’re gonna #SaveRufus! pic.twitter.com/ITxptegsd2

— Sakina Jaffrey (@sakinajaffrey) July 31, 2018

When NBC canceled Timeless in June, Ryan tweeted they were "ready to make" a two-hour movie to offer fans closure. Kripke had called that their "best shot."

Congratulations, Clockblockers. You'll get to see Lucy and Wyatt try to save Rufus.