NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Offers to Deport People Who Dislike U.S. as a 'Christian Nation'

North Carolina's Republican Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson has offered to buy a "plane, train, or automobile ticket" for any person who doesn't like that the United States is a "Christian Nation."

Robinson made his comments during his speech last weekend at the North Carolina Faith & Freedom Coalition's "Salt & Light Conference." The coalition is a right-wing evangelical political group.

During his speech, Robinson mentioned getting pushback for having "too much religious fervor." He said his critics often say the U.S. "is not a Christian nation anymore."

"As for this, not being a Christian nation. Yes, it is," Robinson said. "If you don't like it, I'll buy your plane, train or automobile ticket right up out of here. You can go to some place that is not a Christian nation."

"As long as there's a remnant of His people in this place that continue to pray to Him and for his wisdom," Robinson said, referring to the Christian god, "this will always be a Christian nation. It was established by Him."

During his speech, Robinson said that the nation's founding documents invoke a Christian god because of their mention of a "creator." However, none of the documents explicitly mention Christianity.

The U.S. is 70.6 percent Christian, 5.9 percent non-Christian believers and 22.8 percent people who aren't affiliated with any religion, according to the Pew Research Center.

Later in his speech, Robinson said that a solution to stopping school shootings is to have public schools teach that Jesus is the only way to salvation, Right Wing Watch noted.

He claimed that schools ban prayer, Bibles and any mention of God or Jesus Christ. Such schools, he said, will often allow prayer vigils to happen on their grounds after shootings happen on campus.

"You know, it seems quite easy to me," Robinson said. "Sir, if you had had that prayer vigil before that shooting, if you had let God come in that building before that shooting, if you had told those students, 'Jesus Christ is the way and the light and only through him can you receive salvation,' there wouldn't have been no school shooting."

In early August, Robinson said any politician who tries to convince other Americans to take COVID-19 vaccines should be voted out of office.

He has also claimed, incorrectly, that asking about a person's vaccination status is a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). However, HIPPA's related laws only apply to healthcare businesses and their partners who illegally share another individual's personal medical information.

In late August, Robinson said his state public school teachers are "abusing" their positions to indoctrinate kids against white people, Republicans and heterosexuality.

It's widely believed that Robinson will run for his state's governorship in 2022.

Newsweek contacted Robinson's office for comment.

North Carolina Lieutenant-Governor Mark Robinson Christian nation
North Carolina Lieutenant-Governor Mark Robinson has offered to buy a plane, train or car ride for anyone who doesn't like that the U.S. is a "Christian nation." In this photo illustration, a U.S. flag flies in a dark, cloudy sky next to a wooden crucifix. Javier_Art_Photography/Getty