Chicago's wndr Museum Explores Infinity With Childlike Ease And Adult Imagination

Chicago's wndr museum lets adults feel like kids while examining their own anatomy and creativity.

Stepping inside wndr museum is like stepping into your 5th-grade science fair project, but much cooler. The museum, a mix of art and science, relies heavily on the imagination of its visitors as they're asked to imagine they're walking through galaxies and small cells in their body, all while taking in the colors, lights and unbelievable sights of something between reality and surrealism.

The Chicago pop up theme doesn't have an official end date. They promise to keep their doors open through December and see the potential for expanding the exhibit into the new year. Currently, the FINITE/INFINITE Edition of the museum stands, though wndr is designed to evolve and change often, bringing attention to new concepts and art. FINITE/INFINITE is just that: it's an expansive and immersive exhibit that asks visitors to look inside themselves to meet their own reality.

wndr is a museum for adults, though it will happily accommodate the open minds of children. The experience is quick - it only took me about 40 minutes to walk through the linear experience - but it's memorable. And for the Instagramers among us, each turn is filled with internet-worthy photo opportunities, accompanied by museum members who are more than willing to tell you about the exhibit you're witnessing while taking your photo.

The exhibit is interactive, from floors of color to ceilings designed as brooding, cotton candy clouds. There are few things not designed to be touched, and endless moments of awe and surrealism. A poet sits ready to write about you, or a topic you provide. You'll be encouraged to squeeze a glowing ball of light, which picks up the color it's placed on. You'll even have a chance to double in size or shrink if that's what you choose. It's easy to feel like a kid again, walking through the rooms of endless color that inspire any visitor to explore their own creativity.

The most hyped exhibit in the museum is a Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrored Room. It's the first of its kind to visit Chicago, though Kusama has many memorable mirrored room experiences around the country. The Chicago room, titled "Let's Survive Forever," is the largest Kusama has created. Visitors will need to remove their shoes before exploring the box, big enough to walk around with a "hidden room" stationed in the center.

Through the dark twists and turns of the museum, and the ultra-bright infinity experience waiting for museum-goers at the end of their visit, wndr is a quick experience that opens the imagination and childlike awe inside everyone who walks through. It's a mega-interactive experience, one in a Chicago filled with impressive, yet technically-structured museums, and one that won't soon be forgotten, whether it's preserved in a visitor's mind, or on their Instagram page.