Inside Ariana Grande's 'Sweetener The Experience' in New York City

The pop songstress teamed up with Spotify to allow Arianators to experience her album from an entirely new, immersive angle.

Ariana Grande, the queen of us all, truly outdid herself. The top-selling pop songstress brought her Sweetener album to life in New York's Lower East Side, in an exhibit that opened up to the general public on September 29 and September 30 called "Sweetener The Experience." Ndelible, however, got a peak of the interactive site on Friday before the masses.

Grande teamed up with Spotify to make this immersive experience possible for her fans, dubbed Arianators. Since there was a room dedicated to each song on Sweetener's tracklist, those who were able to trek to New York for the two-day event were able to view the singer's story from an entirely new angle.

Shortly after the art exhibit was announced, the RSVP list was filled to capacity for both dates. "For one weekend only in NYC, we're hosting an immersive exhibit inspired by @ArianaGrande's album #Sweetener," Spotify tweeted September 26. "Come through like the sweetener you are."

Upon arriving Friday, the ever-so-vibrantly decorated venue—located at 138 Bowery Street—opened to the tune of Grande's song "raindrops," which was also the first stop on the tour through "Sweetener The Experience.'' The delicately designed space was decked out in crystal-like raindrops that poured over a pink-colored floating altar.

The rest of Sweetener, the 25-year-old's third number one album to top the Billboard 200 chart, played in the background as attendees explored each space at their own leisure.

It's hard to pinpoint a favorite spot in the highly Grande-esque space. From the adorably arranged stage in honor of "successful" to the space-inspired walls that replicated her practically iconic "God is a woman" music video, there were a lot of locations to choose from. If we had to pick our favorites, it'd be the rooms for "R.E.M.," "better off," "get well soon" and "borderline."

The "R.E.M." room boasted cushioned cloud-resemblant seats, which was beneficial to guests who wanted to take a quick break from wandering the exhibit. "Better off" was exquisite, to say the least, because it was a peaceful garden-like spot that's meant for solo-viewing pleasure only. "Get well soon" featured a wall of lined up payphones that offered tailored advice to the guests' particular needs, including individuals "feuding with a frenemy." Lastly, the "borderline" room was a fun space that included a set of swings that meet "at the borderline," as Grande's song suggests.

It's safe to say "Sweetener The Experience" was a photo-worthy occasion, some of which Grande herself said she'd "creep" on Arianators who luckily enough to visit the space. She liked and shared pictures, on both Twitter and Instagram, of fans that used the hashtag #SweetenerSpotify in their respective posts.

Did you make it to "Sweetener The Experience" this past weekend? If you didn't, you definitely missed out.