Stephen Dorff Talks 'Don't Go' And A Father's Undying Love And Guilt

Stephen Dorff plays a grief struck father in "Don't Go," an emotional psychological thriller.

When a father loses his child in a tragic accident, he's torn between reality and another universe, one where his beloved daughter is still alive. Ben is a father reeling in an obsession about bringing his dead daughter back to life. It's the main point revisited as a recurring dream in the psychological thriller Don't Go, out Friday, and it's impressionable and heavy from the first moments of the film until the very end.

Ben, the grieving father, is played by Stephen Dorff, best known for his roles in 1998 film Blade and 2011 film Immortals. Dorff has something in common with his character Ben: he believes in "seizing the day," he told Newsweek, though the definition of the classic, inspiration phrase takes on a new meaning in Don't Go.

The distraught Ben takes a new teaching job and begins to see the phrase often, though it's oddly misspelled. "Seas The Day" appears in his crossword and his classroom, feeling like an omen, or an unassuming sign. Though he's unsure what the meaning of this repeating phrase is, Ben connects its significance to the death of his daughter and follows the phrase to an unlikely realization.

Throughout the film, Ben's relationship with wife Hazel, which seems firm in grief and mutual loss, begins to shake. "They experienced a major loss," Dorff said of the fictional relationship. "My character is holding a major secret from her. The tension is very palpable." As viewers learn the secret, the plot thickens and Ben's longing for his lost daughter takes on a whole new meaning.

"It's coming from a place of love and guilt," Dorff said of his character's undying attempts to hold his daughter in reality again.

As for what he hopes viewers find in the film, Dorff capitalized on the allure of the psychological thriller genre. "This is a psychological thriller and the kind of movie that makes the viewer wonder and try to figure it out what's happening," he said of the film. "The movie explores a lot of different emotions and is meant to make you think. There are two parallel worlds and the balance between life and afterlife."

Don't miss Don't Go when it premieres Friday.