THE COUNTDOWN: New York Fashion Week (Part II)

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New York Fashion Week begins September 6 at 11am in New York City.

Clothing is the star attraction at New York Fashion Week, which runs September 6 to 14, but insiders will also be scanning the runways for trends in makeup and grooming. Sure, some looks enhance the thematic elements of a collection and don't translate to us regular folks. But there will certainly be throughlines flooding #MakeupAddict on Instagram.

Eyebrows have arguably been the most important facial feature of the '10s, so it wouldn't be surprising if NYFW shows experiment with what's happening above the eyes: If Rihanna's striking British Vogue cover is an indication, we'll be seeing a retreat from the bushy caterpillar in favor of a tightly tapered, '90s-style brow.

Makeup trends are forecasted to be on the extremes: BASF Colors & Effects predicts embellished nudes, allowing for a touch of interest in the bare-faced look. (Think blushes and buffs with a hint of orange or red.) But we should also see highly unnatural shades that boost individualism and a sense of adventure: Cobalt lipsticks, metallic eye shadows, pale chartreuse highlighters.

And get ready for more glitter: New technologies, like glitter that doesn't require an adhesive and biodegradable varieties, will allow for more radiance in your repertoire. And don't be surprised if glitter shows up in unexpected places (which it already has a tendency to do), like in hair or underneath the eyes.

Even though some of these trends may pop up at NYFW, celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor cautions against putting all of your blending eggs in one basket.

"The beauty looks at New York Fashion Week are still some of the most original work being created," he explains. "But they don't carry the same power to start trends as they used to. They have to compete for attention with increasingly over-the-top social media trends, regardless of their wearability or fleeting nature."

He believes a focus on healthy skin will dominate the beauty conversation: With brands finally capitalizing on the buying power of women of color, robust skin regimens are becoming more widespread.

"Why use Facetune when you can actually look that good every day?"