Will Estes of 'Blue Bloods' on the Pros and Cons of Filming in New York

I have a soft spot for "Blue Bloods" because it takes place and films in New York.

Growing up, I watched a lot of movies and television shows. That hasn't changed. Something else that hasn't changed is my tendency to immediately call out a movie or television show that films somewhere I know and pretends it's a different location. That's why I have a soft spot for CBS' Blue Bloods: It takes place in New York and it films in New York.

ABC's Quantico pretended Station Square in Forest Hills, New York, was Munich, Germany, and not only did I notice, but it took me out of the scene because I know that area so well. The Good Wife on CBS pretended New York was Chicago, Illinois. I'm sure it's the same for people from other places. I don't get as annoyed when Vancouver, Canada is transformed into the CW DC TV shows every week, but New York is my home, so I notice these things.

That's also why I immediately pick up when a show pretends one suburb is another. For example, I've noticed Blue Bloods pretend Forest Hills is Manhattan or Brooklyn. (Trust me, there's a difference.)

But it's still New York—and Blue Bloods' Will Estes knows how important that is, as he told me when I asked about the pros and cons of filming in the city.

"The good news is it's New York City. It's awesome," he said. "We felt like New York was a character in the show early on. You can't shoot a New York City cop drama somewhere else as well as shooting in New York City."

"People always come through the sets. People in the city love the show. I think New Yorkers love New York City shows, so we've got that going for us," he continued. "It's one of the most vibrant cities in the world. The NYPD is 40,000 strong. A lot of people have connections to the NYPD and we have a ball doing it."

However, he knows there are downsides—for him and for New Yorkers. "It's freezing," he said, laughing. "January and February in New York City is one of the last places you want to live if you're a kid from California like myself."

And if you've ever been annoyed when your commute hasn't gone as planned because filming crews are blocking the streets, he gets it.