Nebraska High School Basketball Prospect Shot During Robbery Left in a Coma, Has Leg Amputated: 'This Is a Good Kid, He Did Not Deserve Any of This'

A promising high school basketball player has had his leg amputated after being shot during a robbery, according to reports.

The robbery occurred just one day after KeShon Henderson was offered a full-ride scholarship to play basketball at Judson University in Elgin, Illinois, WCVB reported.

Suspects robbed Henderson and shot him several times near 42nd and Sprague Street in Omaha, Nebraska on September 24. First responders subsequently rushed the 17-year-old to hospital for surgery.

"I got a call that my son's car was taped off, at about 9:30 p.m.," the teen's mother, Tina Henderson, told WCVB. "I went to the scene and saw the car, but my son was not there."

"There was a bullet that went from the bottom of his lung into the leg. It was just one bullet that did that," she said. "The other one went straight through each side."

Eventually, doctors at the Nebraska Medical Center made the decision to amputate the high school senior's leg after several surgeries.

"About four days in, they noticed that the leg was not getting any flow and circulation and it was discolored, the next day the leg lost its warmness and it became cold and they say it had to be amputated," Tina Henderson said.

The 17-year-old is currently in a coma due to complications and is fighting for his life, according to his mother.

Henderson's family expressed their shock at what had happened, noting that the teen was not someone who got himself into trouble.

"I just never thought [KeShon], he's one of the kids where you don't have to correct a lot," Tina Henderson said. "He's not a kid that's in the streets at all, his whole life was basketball."

Meanwhile, his aunt, Juarquate Brown, said: "This is a good kid, he did not deserve any of this. You never would think it would happen to you. He always had a ball in his hand, so this one right here is really tough."

This Benson High senior just accepted a full ride scholarship to play basketball in college. The DAY AFTER he signed, he was robbed and shot!

Doctors had to amputate his right leg and now he’s in a coma fighting for his life.

You’ll hear from his mother at 10pm only on @KETV

— DaLaun Dillard (@DDillardTV) October 7, 2019

KeShon Henderson excelled both on the basketball court and in the classroom at Benson High School in Omaha, according to the family. Now, those who know him are trying to stay strong for him.

"If I'm always weak, I can't give him any strength when I go in there to the side of his bed to talk to him," his mother said. "So I'm trying to remain hopeful."

The family have set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Henderson's medical expenses.

"He has a long road ahead of him including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and he has to get a prosthetic," a description on the fundraising page read. "The family will be grateful for any and everything that is received to help and ensure that he is at his best potential."

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